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Halloween issue of Juxtapoz features comic artists in abundance

The Halloween-themed October issue of the alternative contemporary art magazine Juxtapoz looks like it has plenty to interest comic fans. Guest editor Alex Pardee has filled the mag with his favorite causes, including an overview of Japanese horror manga; a visit to Sam Kieth’s studio; an interview with Jhonen Vasquez; and a questionnaire from Tomer Hanuka. Preview art from those involved below.

The preview gallery also features this Kirby-referencing piece by L’Amour Supreme, former comic book artist (on Zen The Intergalactic Ninja)-turned toy designer.

A Jhonen Vasquez piece from the preview gallery.

Sam Kieth posing with his best-known creation.

A typically bravura Tomer Hanuka illustration, this time essaying some classic Star Trek.


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That cover of Juxtapoz is pure genius. Beautiful.

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