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Hey, sexy lady! It’s Deadpool vs. ‘Gangnam Style’

It would do this video — and you, the reader — a disservice to try to explain it, but after watching only a few seconds you’ll undoubtedly find yourself wondering why, oh why, it’s taken someone so long to film Deadpool thrusting his pelvis and encouraging complete strangers to join him in “Riding the Horse” to the tune of “Gangnam Style.”

And if you’re unsure just what “Gangnam Style” is, you can check out the similarly hilarious original video to the international sensation by South Korean rapper PSY. If neither of those videos brightens your day, then probably nothing will. (Did I mention Bane makes a cameo appearance alongside Deadpool?)



Dancing Deadpool is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to the internet.

I’m doing nothing but watching this for the rest of the day.

This is hilarious. So fitting of Wade.

Laurence J Sinclair

September 14, 2012 at 9:49 am

I wonder how many people in this video thought he was meant to be Spider-Man.

This is so hilarious it actually got me to stop being mad about deadpool’s portrayal recently. Love it!!

The guy has a number of hysterical videos of him dancing/interacting with con goers at different cons across the country –

That guy did Deadpool better in four minutes than Daniel Way did in five years.

This is why the internet was invented. Epic levels of pissing about.

I’m really surprised that no one (as yet) has come up with a Gundam version of this video…it would be a natural!

lol better than the original!!

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