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J. Bone imagines Michelle Obama as the new Wonder Woman

Michelle Obama as Wonder Woman, by J. Bone

Even the most fervent Republicans admit they were impressed by the speech Michelle Obama delivered last week at the Democratic National Convention, so it should come as little surprise that she drew some admirers not only across the aisle but across the border. Canadian artist J. Bone was so wowed by the address that he envisioned the First Lady as DC Comics’ most prominent superheroine.

“I’m not a very political person. Really,” he wrote on his blog. “Unless I hear speeches that are incredibly ignorant (the current Mayor of Toronto is not exactly my favourite person) or especially rousing! Michelle Obama’s recent opening speech at the Democratic Convention was one of those exciting moments to which I actually paid attention. Politics aside I like the Obamas. Watching her speech I imagined Michelle as the NEW Wonder Woman!”

Hey, if President Obama can be depicted as a superhero, then why can’t Mrs. Obama?



That looks nothing like Michelle Obama. As for the claim “even the most fervent Republicans admit they were impressed by the speech,” I’d post links debunking that but I know posts with links aren’t allowed.

That’s the post-Crisis Wondy, not the new ‘un. But I’ll take her, she’s very cute.

Sweet! Thanks for the post CBR (and Kevin :)

(Martin – I realized as I posted that I call her the New Wonder Woman but she’s in “old” costume. But this is the NEW Wonder Woman when she returns to her old costume Post-52. Do I get a no-prize ;)

J. Bone – AMAZING! This is so cool.

I’m stunned by what I just read….what republican in their right mind would be fooled by anything she has to say. What a disgrace to Wonder Woman! Keep your politics away from comics please.

JOE: Wow. You should see your doctor for a prescription of Chill Pills. Might do you good.

Both DC and marvel lean more tword the democrats, just read their comics. women power: check. modified bodies..double check. minorities given multiple voices: check. new tech being toted around and touted as the in thing: check. — to me this is not a bad thing, it is what it is.

@J.Bone You get a No Prize, a hug and a guaranteed reader for The Saviours!

Nice work, Mr. Bone! Those of us with open minds and open hearts couldn’t help but be inspired.

She looks more like Wonder Woman than what passes for her in Didiostorm Comics.

Black woman as superwoman love it!

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