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J.H. Williams III covers Texas heavy-metal band The Sword

I know nothing about The Sword, other than that the Austin, Texas-based heavy-metal band has great taste in choosing comic artists to provide album art: Batwoman artist/co-writer J.H. Williams III has revealed a host of design work for the group’s new release Apocryphon on his blog. More art from the project can be found below.



These covers have some wicked design to them. Great stuff!

Two great tastes that taste great together. Love seeing sequential artists getting to stretch their wings outside of the gutters.

Ha… High concept fantasy art and prog metal are a perfect match. JH Williams III is amazing, btw. He should do Mastodon and Baroness covers next.

This is pretty freaking perfect. Two things I love but never assumed would converge doing so :)

Never listened to these guys but they’ve great pedigree in choosing designers/illustrators, they’ve previously used Dan McPharlin who does a great line in crumbling, 70’s Euro-style sci-fi imagery…

I remember Williams writing about a possible collaboration with Blondie on some cover/booklet illustrations. Did anything come out of it or is it still in progress? Does anyone know?

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