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James Harvey shows off rejected Tank Girl art

Tank Girl co-creator Alan Martin is on the hunt for a new collaborator to draw the Australian anarchist’s story. Comics luminaries such as Jamie Hewlett, Philip Bond, Ashley Wood and Jim Mahfood have done stints on Tank Girl, and an army of up-and-coming and established artists are hoping to follow in their footsteps. One of those artists who submitted work is James Harvey, and he just received news on how his samples went over with Martin.

“Sadly, I didn’t get it,” Harveyi wrote n a Tumblr post. “Alan said he couldn’t see his character in my drawings, and I guess he knows what he’s looking at. I’m going to post all the drawings I did on here so you can see what my Tank Girl might have looked like.”

Although fans won’t get to see Harvey’s Tank Girl in print, here is a selection of some of the art he submitted. Let us know what you think!



Not doing tankgirl with James Harvey has to be one of the biggest crimes against comic books. Just look at all those pieces and say they’re not tank girl, you can’t. Big mistake on Martin’s side.

They’re not Tank Girl. The pictures shown here are of a person who is much younger than the Tank Girl of the previous comics. Also a different colour in the colour pictures.

They also show a set of facial expressions that don’t match the character of Tank Girl, and a completely different clothing style that looks far more like something from Moebius than previous Tank Girl costuming

If the project was to do “Young Psycho Tank Girl as drawn by Moebius” these might be appropriate, but the project isn’t that.

I can totally see why Alan Martin didn’t accept this art.

Beautiful, but not appropriate, it’s understandable to see why it was rejected.

Still some great work though. Looking forward to his other endeavors.

It’s not classic Tank Girl – but it’s still pretty awesome. I really like the little details too. And it’s WAY better than the art in the last Tank Girl comic I saw on the rack… 0-:-/

Better than Mahfood, toptenjesus? No effin way, sorry.

Those boots are not tank girl quality.

Nice art, but yeah, it’s not the attitude one expects from Tank Girl comics.

Anyone know if Alan is still looking for an artist?

What a pity, I’d rather see this James Harvey drawing Tank Girl than RUFUS DAYGLO. Why on earth did Alan Martin chose him for Visions of Booga…

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