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Jughead to take a short nap, awaken refreshed

Yesterday, Johanna Draper Carlson noted the subscription for the Jughead comic seems to have disappeared from the Archie Comics website, and some folks at say they’ve received e-mails stating the title has been canceled.

I decided to go straight to the source and asked Archie’s new director of publicity and marketing, Adam Tracey, what the deal is. Here’s his reply:

As you’re aware, Archie has been reinventing itself for the last three years. That reinvention process is most visible in books like Life With Archie, Kevin Keller, The Art of Betty & Veronica, the New Crusaders comic, the Sonic and Archie Super Specials, and much more. Because Jughead is a very important character to us, that reinvention process will also apply to him. So while we’re putting together exactly how to do that, we’ve put the Jughead comic on hiatus until the relaunch happens. Fans of Jughead can rest assured that they’ll definitely be seeing more of him in the future.

The Jughead comic has been running since 1949, making it one of Archie’s oldest titles. It’s a favorite of mine because it often features good writing and stories that break the Archie mold a bit, so I’ll be watching to see what Jughead’s new incarnation looks like.



That hat will be gone.

Seriously, that hat was a weird fad in the 40s or 50s and it’s somehow stayed with him. I’m guessing Juggie will wear a variety of caps, and a baseball style cap.

He’ll either be gay or transgender.

They’ll probably significantly alter his craving for burgers and replace with “healthier alternatives”, to steal some food marketing gobbledygook.

even though I never really liked the Archie comics, Jughead was easily the best part of any of them. even if he’s not funny, he’s still a lovable goofball. He is also their most iconic character (moreso that Archie himself even) and that goofy-looking crown is his signature. Jughead is probably the character that they need to change the least (especially the cheeseburger thing. it would be like when they took cookies away from the cookie monster)

Yeah, he’ll probably do the knit cap thing with a bit of scruff, like Shaggy (wasn’t he derived from Jughead?), and perhaps they’ll address his heightened metabolism allowing for massive food intake while still being perpetually lazy by having Michelle Obama pay him a visit in a ‘special’ issue and asking him to no longer encourage ‘bad’ behavior. Strangely, his reluctance toward girls AND his eating have already been updated by incorporating them in Kevin Keller.

Jughead has always been my favorite Archie character-hands down-especially when Samm Schwartz drew his issues back in the late 70’s-the thing is that the Archie characters are essentially stereotypes-there’s only a couple of different things about each one that makes them unique. Jughead doesn’t like girls(mostly), he likes to eat, and he’s a loyal slacker who’s a bit oddball. What’s the point of a reinvention? He’s a character that’s the sum of his personality traits. Take one or many of those away-and it’s not Jughead. Heck-even his name is right out of the 40’s. He does have more depth than any of the other characters, though.

He’ll be all “emo.”

Grant Morrison’s Jughead

‘Nuff said.

They’ll probably make him a vegan and distance themselves from burgers and fast food for the good of the obese everywhere.

I always liked the crown. Even though it was based on a inside out fedora fad of the 40s and 50s, nowadays I just chalked it up to him being the eccentric teen who wears the kids Burger King Crown as a statement of his individuality.

There’ll be 11 new Jughead titles, including (among others) Jugheads, Jughead Family and Young Jughead. One of the titles will feature a young African-American Jughead. Another will showcase Jughead’s gay marriage. Jughead’s costume will be busier and incorporate shoulderpads. He’ll be shown starting out, without history. Each week will feature a new crossover. There’ll be problems with the art, including switching pencillers mid-issue. Writers and artists will moan about how the editors are yanking them around, and at least one star creator will tweet their resignation from a movie theater showing G.I. Joe Retaliation.

Power to most the people

September 20, 2012 at 1:22 pm

My interest is peaked, 5 years ago we had the story where he dated a girl and even changed his hat.
But I also remember this happening a long time ago in the early 90’s.
Jughead was updated and made hip. Skateboarding, crazy fade hair cut, and that eventually went away.
So I’m wondering what are they really doing here?
Permanent, permanent, or just another fad?
Probably both.

The hat dates from the ’20s and ’30s, though it had a revival later. Goober (George Lyndsay) used to wear one on the Andy Griffith Show.

Take an old, worn-out fedora and cut the brim off. Cut the edge in a zig-zag shape and fold it upward to create the crown. Take soda bottle caps and pry out the cork lining. Put the cap against the hat and push the cork back into the bottle cap with the felt in between. Throw on a a few more, along with some pins and whatever else you have for adornment. You’re done.

@Kyle, Kenn and Matthew: I certainly hope you remember your comments when you start talking or complaining about “agendas.”

Specifically, to Kyle and Matthew, bear in mind that AT NO TIME in all of Jughead’s history has he shown the least bit of disdain for “healthy” foods. Jughead’s SOLE dislike is for BAD food (as whenever he’d eat something that Veronica made).

And, Matthew, as for your “the good of the obese everywhere,” your snide remark would have a bit more merit if Jughead were obese. He’s not. He never has been. He’s quite literally the epitome of those “I can eat anything I want and I never gain an ounce” people–folks whose metabolisms are in permanent high gear and, believe it or not, there are people with “slacker” lifestyles who achieve this without benefit of drugs. Now, there have been plenty of satirical takes on the character where his ability to chow down without gaining weight have been the result of an eating disorder or a tapeworm or being on speed but, again, those are *satires*, that no one takes as anything other than the joke they are.

As for Kenn, what is it with the right-wing which condemns laziness as something bad, but when the First Lady wants to promote kids and teenagers’ being active, it’s suddenly some sort of conspiracy? The same thing about healthy eating. EVERYONE agreed that eating healthy food was a good thing until Michelle Obama became an advocate for it. Then, the right-wing went nutjob crazy insisting that she was, somehow, taking away a kid’s right to junk food. (I seem to recall many farmers took offense when George H W Bush made a derisive comment about broccoli. I guess those reactions were some type of “liberal” bias, even though farmers tend to be pretty conservative when it comes to voting. And I sppose the lawsuit against Oprah Winfrey for her “anti-meat” comments was perfectly justified since it was a “liberal” attacking a whole industry–even though she didn’t really say anything that most physicians said about red meat.)

And I do have to wonder just how many of the folks commenting here (especially the fairly snide comments) actually READ any of the Archie comics, whether now or in the last 10 years? I’m guessing that the only time most of these people have even LOOKED at an Archie Comics character is when there’s a story like this one and they feel somehow compelled to comment.

Wow. You mean they’re still publishing Archie and Jughead comic books?

(Ha ha — just kidding! But seriously, let’s be glad Jughead isn’t a DC or Marvel character, because then he would be violently killed off, and later brought back to life all “grim and gritty” and made into a Secret Avenger or a Dark Justice Leaguer!)

@JosephW I have a subscription, thank you very much, and even pick up the occasional variant cover (unfortunately Kevin Keller ships subscribers the least interesting version). I am an equal opportunity complainer when it comes to Big Government and any intrusion upon eating habits. You might have missed the First Lady’s dismissive attitude toward Olympic Gymnast Gabby Douglas, who is far from unhealthy. I could see her taking issue with Jughead, and could easily see Archie Comics taking the opportunity to have her guest star.

I’m all for Jughead going on hiatus and coming back after they’ve had some time to really develop something exciting. The Jughead series has really lost its way in the last 6 months or so, and as everyone else has said, he’s a great character.

Laughing out loud at some of these comments! I have nothing to add that hasn’t already been said, but I am curious to see what Jughead’s “relaunch” entails…

Word is he’ll be obsessed with a terrible 90s clown rap duo and will now be called Juggalohead.

Whatever they do, the real Jughead will be back eventually. He’s too good a character to change.

Introducing JUNKHEAD, Archie’s pal and heroin dealer!

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