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Neil Gaiman joins JL8, the webstrip formerly known as Little League

We’ve mentioned it before, but if you haven’t yet had a chance to check out Yale Stewart’s awesome, completely charming webcomic about grammar-school versions of the Justice League, now is a perfect time to start. The strip has recently been re-named JL8 (for reasons having nothing to do with DC Comics) and moved to a new URL, but even better: Neil Gaiman has shown up as part of a story in which Batman is helping Superman pick out a birthday present for Wonder Woman.

It’s doubtful that Gaiman will become a recurring cast member, although that would be incredibly cool. He appears to own the bookstore that the boys are shopping in and will doubtless offer advice on the perfect gift. His helping boys pick out a book for a girl is pretty funny considering that Gaiman’s Sandman has long been the easy-choice, go-to comic for male fans to recommend to their female friends as an introduction to the medium.

JL8‘s current storyline is also a little prophetic, considering recent events in the DCU. Superman’s need for a perfect gift comes from his crush on Wonder Woman, a development Stewart has been working out for a couple of months now. Whether Wonder Woman reciprocates the interest (and what Power Girl has to do with it) is something you can read for yourself.



I wonder if World’s End Books is a nod to Good Omens.

It’s a nod to The Sandman, more likely. Worlds’ End is the name of the inn where travelers share their stories in issues #51-56.

God, I love this comic. It’s so cute, so well drawn and written and so much fun.

My daughter absolutely LOVES Superman: Family Adventures. She will love this. Wish I had known about it sooner! Trust when I say they just got a few new readers.

Power Girl? It’s not like she can become part of a romantic triangle with Superman and WW… she’s Superman’s cousin!

@Michael, Yale knows Karen is technically Kal’s cousin, but this strip is about little kids and really that kind of thing doesn’t enter the equation.

It’s a fantastic peice of work. Props for DC for letting this happen.

And Neil’s endorsement is great.

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