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Neill Cameron mercilessly picks apart ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ plot twist

The last episode of this season of Doctor Who before it goes on a short break until Christmas is broadcast this Saturday. Meanwhile, cartoonist Neill Cameron, creator of Mo-Bot High and artist of The Phoenix‘s “Pirates of Pangaea,” has clearly been thinking long and hard about the big twist in the season opener, in which plucky computer hacker Oswin Oswald manages to delete all trace or mention of the Doctor from the collective memory of his arch-enemy, the Daleks.

Proving that one man’s plot twist is another man’s gaping plot hole, Cameron has responded to this development with this strip. Full comic below; it’s a doozy.



The first few panels were amusing, but it kind of drove the joke into the ground before the end of the comic.

Just like Moffat and the “Doctor Who?” gag. It’s kinda the point.

Of course, we still haven’t seen the fallout from the episode’s development yet. I really hope Moffat picks up this thread.

Fantastic! I loved how it ended.

That’s easy. They know they were thwarted by a dude; they might even recognise the faces of the previous ten Doctors. They just don’t know who he is, or his historical importance. It’d be like if a guy cut you off in traffic – you might know the face, but you don’t know his name.

I just hope this is an excuse to never use the Daleks again.

The Last Great Time War (the one the Doctor was in) ended with him deciding to blow everyone up – Daleks and Timelords. For the Daleks, most of them didn’t know he was the cause. What they did know is that some “super weapon” went off, foiling everybody’s plans.

As for the other times the Daleks were thwarted, they were small groups of them. Universal conquest has never really tackled in an episode, but rather steps to take different places (planets, continents, solar systems) and the Doctor stopped them – BUT for most of those instances, it resulted in those groups of Daleks being destroyed.

If one identity is removed from a collective consciousness then the mind can collectively cover over it with a multitude of other identities, especially for people like Daleks who have many enemies. Also the overarching explanation of “the people we were fighting defended themselves and fought us off” is possible.


Mr Cameron is simply taking this too seriously. After all, this is a science fiction story, not a factual documentary. It’s science so thin you can spread it on a croissant. It’s meant to be taken with a pinch of salt and enjoyed for what it is.

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