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New Elfquest story to debut on Boing Boing

Thirty-five years after Elfquest was introduced, helping to usher in the black-and-white comics boom, Wendy and Richard Pini’s epic fantasy adventure will makes it online debut with a new story serialized on Boing Boing.

Called Elfquest: The Final Quest, the new tale begins Monday, with a new page appearing weekly. It marks the popular website’s first foray into comics.

“Wendy and I never set out, thirty-five years ago, to take the indie comics world by storm,” Richard Pini said in a statement. “But there the history is, in the sales and — more importantly — in the fandom that’s stayed with us. Now we get to relive those scary, heady days once again as Elfquest makes its online debut to fans old and new.”

Debuting in 1978, Elfquest follows the Wolfriders, a tribe of feral elves in search of a new refuge and of their cosmic origins. Along the way they come into conflict with humans and trolls, and encounter other elf tribes like the Sun Folk and the Gliders. Over the decades, the series has gained a devoted following, and boasts a large female audience.

Elfquest‘s World of Two Moons—its landscapes, inhabitants, dangers—is familiar yet always unpredictable territory,” Wendy Pini said. “After five years’ hiatus, I’ve come home to the Holt and to my main characters, Cutter and the Wolfriders, only to wreak storytelling havoc on them as never before. In Elfquest: The Final Quest sturdy, stable characters will react in totally unexpected ways as they face devastating, unavoidable change. I’m scared and exhilarated by what’s going to happen!”

The entire 6,000-page story to date can be read on the Elfquest website.



i hope scouter dies in it. for some reason i have always hated scouter.

Hopefully once it’s finished they collect it into a nice hardcover; that’ll look great next to my Elfquest archives.

Nice to see this finally happening. The Elfquest panel at SDCC ’08 (or was it ’10? can’t remember) was great. Been an Elfquest fan since the mid-80s.

And I will be there. To quote Rod Stewart (but hearing Russell Watson in my head) “It’s been a long road…”

+1 on the hardcover. The last Elfquest published – “The Searcher And The Sword” – was a joy to behold in hardcover.

Now, about that movie…

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