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Play ‘Guess That Simpson’ with cartoonist Charles Guthrie

It’s not the first time an artist has drawn realistic depictions of The Simpsons characters, but I always think it’s interesting to see interpretations and it’s fun to figure out which Springfield residents are being represented. Dutch cartoonist Charles Guthrie redrew the cover of Simpsons Comics #30 (numbered #29 in the German edition, for some reason) for the Covered blog, and while most of the characters are immediately easy to figure out, one or two require a little more thought, especially if — like me — you haven’t visited Springfield in a while.

See the original cover to Simpsons Comics #30 below for comparison.



That’s awesome! Only Bart took me a minute…


Homer’s hair has to be the worst to draw in a more realistic fashion.

Barney and Apu threw me.

Barney took two nanoseconds, the rest a single nanosecond. I have clearly watched this show too much.

I didn’t get Apu….brain must not be working this morning. Thanks for the reminder to check the Covered blog, though…I hadn’t been there in a while! Digging through the last couple months’ worth, I especially like this one:

Professor Frink should be skinnier.

The weird thing is, the German reproduction of Simpsons Comics actually brought about reproductions of KING OF THE HILL characters rather than those of THE SIMPSONS, such as Bill Dauterive; Khan, the Hills’ neighbor; Buckley, the teenager at Mega-Lo-Mart; Bobby Hill, Hank’s son; and Dale Gribble. Only Burns and Smithers are drawn as accurately as possible.

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