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Renae De Liz is making a Peter Pan comic

I debated waiting until the Kickstarter launch to post about this, but it’s never too early to start getting excited about something this cool. Renae De Liz (The Last Unicorn, Womanthology) and her husband Ray Dillon (Servant of the Bones, The Last Unicorn) are adapting J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan for comics. Judging from the teases on the project’s blog (and previous experience with De Liz’s work), it’s going to be amazing.

You can follow their progress either on the project’s blog or on Twitter, but De Liz also gives some additional details on her own blog where she talks about her inspiration for the book, publishing plans, and the possibility of donating some proceeds to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, the spiritual copyright holder of Peter Pan. It’s still early in the creation process, but thanks to cool art like the animated cover below, this will be fun to watch as it develops. From Womanthology, De Liz has some experience using Kickstarter in a successful way, so once that campaign launches in about a month, expect to hear a lot more about this.



This looks incredible! I hope it gets made…

Renae De Liz‘s art alone will be perfect
As for her husband’s color, I’d say it’ll dim the work, regarding its performance in The Last Unicorn.

Hey, thanks so much for starting to get the word out early! That’s awesome! We actually just launched the Kickstarter last night (after almost a full day of technical difficulties with the video! UGH! :)

But it’s up there and we’ve already had a wonderful amount of support. We really appreciate you and anyone else that helps us get the word out about this. This is not only going to be a wonderful book, but could really change our lives! We’ve had a rough few years.




It’s actually interesting you made Tink more child like. In the book and in other adaptations it is implied that Tinker Bell has a little crush on Peter. And it’s awkward that when they make her an adult. Good job for changing that.

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