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Shazam! DVD gets the power of a Jerry Ordway variant cover

Jerry Ordway's variant cover to SHAZAM!: The Complete Series

Mimicking comics in more ways than one, Warner Archive is offering a variant cover to its upcoming release of Shazam!: The Complete Series. The standard cover features a photo collage of the series’ main actors (see below), but the variant will have artwork by Jerry Ordway, creator of DC’s well-regarded Power of SHAZAM! series from the late ’90s.

It’s pretty smart marketing, too, because according to Super Hero Hype (who’ve confirmed with Warner Archive), the Ordway cover is only available to those who pre-order the series before its release date on Oct. 23. A lot of older fans have fond memories of watching the live-action show over a bowl of Fruity Pebbles on Saturday mornings, but haven’t seen it since and don’t know if it’s as good or fun as they remember. Younger fans don’t know what it’s like at all. Waiting to hear some buzz by others who’ve seen the new DVDs before spending $34.95 on the set is a reasonable strategy, but the Ordway cover makes it more enticing to go ahead and plunk down that $35 on a blind buy. Fortunately, we have more than a month to make up our minds.

Warner Archive isn’t so cruel as to make this the only way to get the art from Ordway’s cover, though: The Warner Archive podcast has a promotion going where you can get a poster version for free.

Standard cover to SHAZAM!: The Complete Series



The Ordway cover makes the series look way cooler than it was. The standard cover betrays its mediocrity quite well.

This would be nice to have, but I think we knew it was bad, even as kids. Still watched it every week though. Live action heroes were slim pickings in those days, and Superfriends already set the bar pretty low for comics on TV.

Still….. we all knew what a “mentor” was, didn’t we? Just like we knew what a “ward” was……..

One of the ideas from this show that I remember liking is that rather than needing to ask advice from the Wizard he had an audience with each of the gods who represented his powers. A severe divergence from the comics true, but interesting in concept if not always in execution.

While even as a kid I could tell there were some problems with this show it was just cool for me to see Captain Marvel brought to life at all. I also always loved that echo effect they would put on Billy’s voice when he said “SHAZAM!” It kinda added some mystique to the idea that he had the ability to “..summon awesome forces at the utterance of a single word.”

Oh and I don;t care how you feel about the show, that Ordway cover rocks.

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