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We all knew it was coming, right? Possibly by the first issue, someone was already taking bets on which character would bite the big one during Avengers vs. X-Men. After all, I think there’s some sort of rule of thumb that after so many characters get involved in an event storyline, some of them have to be picked off so that the other get inspired by the loss and push on to victory. Or to make the point that these battles haven’t been just tossing action figures in the dryer and watching them tumble for twelve issues.

Anyway, I didn’t come here to be bitter, I came here to be rational, and rationally, the death in the event book makes sense as a classic comic storytelling maneuver. These last few months have been exciting in their philosophy and their theories on power and destiny, but haven’t really knocked people’s socks off in terms of summer blockbuster action. The penultimate issue is the best place for a big twist to take us into the last few moments, and the biggest twist is the odds-on favorite, death.

WARNING:  We talk about who died in this week’s Avengers vs. X-Men Round 11, so grab your copy and read along!

X-Men v.1 #42

This time for sure!

So who’s it going to be? Will one of the X-Men Phoenix Five Two kill one of the Avengers like it sort of suggests by titling the books Avengers vs. X-Men? Nope, it looks like one side is turning on itself to create chaos and give Earth’s Mightiest a fighting chance against the Cosmos’s Fiery-est. Emma has been slowly losing her mind as of late, and it’s easy to say that Scott Summers left rationality at the door with Schism. To off one or the other would make sense, but still not be enough to really get that twist ending good and in there. If this really is going to be one side fighting itself, what better contrast is there between how far the X-Men have come and the man who started it all? Only one man symbolizes the X-Men more than Scott Summers: Charles Xavier has to die.

Keeping our rational hats on and stepping far away from the morass of tropes that is character death in comics, let alone the Death of Charles Xavier in comics, let’s really go with this idea. Charles Xavier is dead, really quite sincerely dead.

Who is going to replace him?

Charles Xavier held a unique position in the Marvel Universe for quite some time; he wasn’t an action hero or a team leader as much as he was a visionary. He didn’t just want to fight villainy, he wanted to change the world. He had social goals that extended beyond himself and into generations to come. He wanted a better world and taught kids personally, providing a school and a home and a family for mutants, young and old. He had a Dream, a big metaphor for civil rights that was jazzed up with some mutant powers, but taught us a lot about ourselves and how we look at the world. Now that he’s gone, who is left to take up his torch and light the way?

Scott Summers, Xavier’s handpicked choice, is RIGHT OUT. After this, it’s going to be a long time before we let him lead a lemonade stand, let alone mutantkind. In fact, it’s kind of sad how few of the original five X-Men are ready to pick up where Xavier left off. Jean’s dead, Warren’s a blank slate, Bobby Drake hasn’t given any indication he’d want to lead or take over such big shoes, and Hank McCoy has a lot of soul searching to do after AvX. He’s a man divided after turning his back on his family only to see it all come to this. The smartest people always know enough to question their right to lead and I think Hank’s still got some questioning to do.

Kitty Pryde is a hopeful; as headmistress of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, she’s the default leader there because Wolverine has so much on his plate. She grew up in the heyday of the X-Men as family motif and has been their plucky little sister now grown up to run a school. She’s responsible, reliable and a whole bunch of other -ibles, so she’s great for administration, but can she be a visionary? She might have the heart to lead others and teach new mutants how she was taught, but there’s still a bigger picture angle I don’t think the character is ready for.

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Storm fits the big picture very well. Having been with the X-Men since the All New era, her home as always been the team. Leadership gold, she’s the second best leader of the X-Men of all time, debatably better than the man Xavier was preparing for the role since he was a teen. Part of it comes from being worshiped as a goddess, but part of it comes from her own nature, as she is a great and caring woman who can see the larger picture of humanity. She was a queen, and if royalty can’t lead, who can? At the same time, she was a queen; recently divorced, pushing into a battle where her dear friends fell into madness, Ororo might need some “Me Time” and heal before taking up any mantle. AvX has hit her hard, and it’s understandable if the character isn’t ready to jump to the forefront of mutantkind.

Magneto is always ready to jump to the forefront of mutantkind, and I’m pretty sure this is the guy to bet on in the coming months. If anyone is going to be a visionary leader and to dream of a new tomorrow, it’s Erik Lensherr. He’s technically been in Xavier’s shoes before, during the New Mutants’ early years, he’s created a Brotherhood of evil sorts, but hasn’t been really “evil” himself in quite some time. Again, leaving tropes and common writing pitfalls aside, he’s sort of retired from villainy at this point and even had a little public relations work done. He’s been quietly beaming at all the work Cyclops has done with Utopia and probably doing a few laps of the “I Told You So” dance around the island. But now, in the aftermath of whatever AvX brings, it’s a logical step to see Erik Lensherr step up to promote mutant rights. In touching memorial to his friend, maybe he’ll work toward Xavier’s Dream for once and really give it the ol’ college try. But can he truly devote himself to a inferior species? Xavier believed that humans and mutant could live together in peace and perhaps, in the midst of their residency in San Fransisco, that could have been made a reality. Now, once mutants have been seen to be omnipotent lords and masters of cosmic power, it’s going to be a hard sell to tell humanity they should let a mutant move in next door. Magneto is not going to be a put out the fires kind of guy in this situation, but he’s the best chance we have at finding Xavier’s Dream.

Since Deadly Genesis, Charles Xavier has been a ghost in the movement he helped found. I’m not even sure he was mourned when Bishop shot and “killed” him in Messiah Complex. Xavier took a back seat, showing up when a view point needed a little gravitas only to be shut down, shot up or shut up. He knew his kids had grown up and moved out, like all children do. Perhaps he could finally spend time with his son (when his son wasn’t creating alternate realities to be loved in). His children of the atom needed time to grow up, move out and make mistakes on their own. He became a hands off dad.

And look where that got them.

We need Xavier’s Dream. I know Brian Michael Bendis said Xavier had become an anachronism and that, “He was this thing that was just floating around the X-books, with not the same amount of gravitas that he once had.” But just because his original students are grown, Xavier’s goals of a better tomorrow and a unified people aren’t out of style. Especially now, in the wake of whatever horrible end the Phoenix Force is going to bring to our heroes, the idea that we can work together, that there is redemption and we all just should be excellent to each other will be important. I can’t stress how important unity is because I’m pretty sure the whole damned world saw Avengers fighting X-Men and that’s not going to be forgotten overnight.

Utopia is anything but. Mutants and humans need someone after AvX who is going to look out for all of them and try and unite them toward a brighter future. A dream where people live in peace despite their differences. We need a mentor to teach the next generation, a visionary to see a better day, and a leader, not of a team but of a movement and a people. We need peace and after all this countless war, I think the X-Men deserve a chance at that peace.



“…just tossing action figures in the dryer and watching them tumble for twelve issues”

Very nice, and very accurate, turn of phrase.

Yeah, I think Magneto is going to be the guy who steps up.

Regular Syzed Mike

September 15, 2012 at 11:09 am

…or we can just wait for when Xavier comes back again.

I personally think that the X-Men are going to be rudderless for a while. I also think that in All-New X-Men, Bendis is going to use the inevitable interaction between old Cyclops and current Cyclops to reset the current Cyclops’ thinking and get him back on the straight and narrow and leading the X-Men again.

At least that’s what I hope Bendis does. He’s got a new sandbox to play in and a chance to start writing hopeful stories where everyone isn’t a murderous bastard or angry at the world. I hope he takes advantage of his new place as ‘head writer’ of the X-Men franchise (because really, he’s Bendis and no matter where he goes he’s gonna be the ‘head writer of the franchise) to set a more hopeful tone for the entirety of the line.


I think the first step should be to get rid of Utopia–I always felt that it was a bit “Marcus Garvey” for the X-Books.

Xavier died?

I mean, I know he “died” but looking at AvX 11, it certainly doesn’t look like he did. It looks like he just got knocked out.

Make it look convincing (like they did in X-Men 3 – *chuckle*) not like he just got knocked out.

Saying he’ll never come back is just stupid – didn’t they say that about Human Torch, who “died” almost in the same kind of way (vaguely/unconvincingly), and then they brought him back a year later.

What, exactly, is Cyclops supposed to be guilty of? Without the Phoenix Force, there is, literally, no storyline. Marvel Editorial and its writers can confuse matters all they want to with having the Phoenix-possessed mutants act, more or less, in character, except when they were supposed to do something dramatically out of character, but the results are incoherent plotting and characterizations, not a dramatic story.

The Phoenix Force’s motivations were/have been so ill-defined that one might as well say it’s the writer, pulling the puppets’ strings as needed.


Xavier was alive?

“…just tossing action figures in the dryer and watching them tumble for twelve issues”

This is also a pretty accurate description of Johns/Lee’s “Justice League.”

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I miss the days when the every issue of the X-Men felt like an event. What happened?

I recently returned to comics and, wow, what a mess. I think I’ll avoid Marvel and DC. Image and others have a few decent books.

I was told there had been some brilliant issues of x-men etc. They’re just a big mess. Grant Morrison’s stuff was a re-hash of stories done decades ago. Add to that the confused teams, multiple titles and crossovers…no thanks. Make mine NOT Marvel.

my only concern is what happens to Xavier’s Infinity Gem (and by extension his place in the Illuminati)?

Jada, I personally think (and came here to mention) that I firmly believe the Gem and his seat in the Illuminati should go to Rogue or Iceman. No one else really works for me. Certainly not Wolverine, Storm, Kitty or Magneto.

anybody notice the simularity to the beginning of AGE OF APOPCOLYPSE? the son kills the father, magneto sepping up to lead the mutants, rouge by his side. I think its actually kind of cool setting into motion the AOA universe but in mainstream marvel rather then an alternate timeline etc.

on the flip side of that they are setting up an eventual reboot of the entire universe by bringing the original xmen.
eventually they will have to return to their own time. to prevent the future they saw. which of course will be another major crossover to prevent them from going back..

it’ll be fun to watch happen.

Xavier has been dead since that post onslaught bastion story. He became a third rate character ever since. Sorry, but it’s how I feel. He never commanded that “presence” and became insignificant ever since

The best choice is Wolverine because he is the coolest and the smartest and the most powerfull and he satisfied th all the women of the MU except maybe Katie Power and he is best pal with every one except those who suck like Cyclops (boo!) and Walrus and he is foundator member of every super team and secret organisation of the planet and even Kamina is gar for him!

See that’s the biggest problem with Marvel today. The outright character Assassination of Cyclops in this storyline is reprehensible. They’ve basically killed the X-Men.

(The Phoenix 5 should have been Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Professor X, and Rachel because it actually makes sense to have had them connected to Jean Grey, but you know when has logical storytelling ever entered into comics)

no wait mutant golden boy Wolverine will save mutantkind from everyone, not because he can, but because he’s the most popular. /end sarcasm

Bendis and all just wrote the X-Men into the biggest hole they’ve ever been in. Integrating them somewhat into the Avengers line may seem like a keen idea because of the avengers popularity, but the problem is what made the X-Men popular to begin with has been taken away. They’re outcasts, social outlaws who operate outside normal circles.They protect the world from monsters who have powers and are freaks and those who look like normal humans.

Marvel so needs a reboot, it’s sad.

So glad you mention Storm! She’s leading in the “Who should lead the X-Men after Cyclops?” forum poll by a mile and for good reason. She’s an experienced leader, a strong-willed personality, and a caring, morally-secure woman. Not to mention an extremely powerful mutant in her own right. She’s a good choice from a diplomatic point of view, too, considering she sided with the Avengers in the end, before most any X-Men other than Wolverine. Seems like the perfect fit.

No, I don’t think Marvel needs a reboot. But, what it does need to do go 2-3 major events without killing off a superhero. It’s predictable enough that each of the major comic book news sites either had reader polls or top 10 lists where Prof X was identified as the likely sacrificial victim of this storyline months before the story was published. Even switching up how the heroes are killed off would be something different. Bored with the hero facing taking some kind of stand alone against the big bad while the other heroes are somehow unable to help but able to watch. They can then be galvanized into righteous fury or whatever.

Actually, Scott was right and Wolverine was irrational in Schism and it’s aftermath… what exactly has Logan’s plan been? To stick his fingers in his ears and pretend that if he ignores the reality of the X-Men’s situation that it will go away?

Brian from Canada

September 22, 2012 at 3:04 pm

I totally agree with you Daeleus.

Marvel didn’t say Xavier was anachronistic: they said both he and Magneto were. THAT was the point of “Schism”: to split the mutants between Cyclops and Wolverine like they had been under Magneto and Xavier. Then, with AvX, it was immediately clear that Wolverine’s side has to join The Avengers because Logan’s now proud to carry that badge. Against those odds, there was no way for Cyclops to win.

Who will lead the mutants? Captain. America.

I am NOT kidding.

The original five are gone. Nightcrawler is dead. Colossus is an idiot. Storm has been framed poorly after Wakanda and the Black Panther. Rogue doesn’t have leadership experience and Kitty’s not a tactician or a battle-keen mutant.

That leaves side leaders. Cannonball has already deferred to the Avengers. Cable is a fugitive. Madrox bristles at control by others. That leaves Havok, and he’ll be an Avengers team man.

So that leaves Captain America. And everyone else will fall in line with Cap’s colonels, just as The Avengers now see Thor and Iron Man as secondary agents to Cap as well.

??? Wolverine’s action are responsible for everything that went wrong with the Phoenix. “The Phoenix ain’t on no ones side but its own.” ?????? How about all life in the universe is on its side.

The first time the Phoenix showed up its saved all of reality by protecting the mkran crystal. When it did that was it only worried about itself? It seems to show up for important reasons.

I hate how badly Marvel is insulting the intelligence of their long time fans who know the history of the Phoenix and the the X-Men. Is this just so they can throw the X-men under the bus because they think they can turn all the X fans into Avengers fans?

I think the new Mutant Messiah/Leader should be a triumvirate of Quintin Quire, Warren Worthington (still as mad as the moon though) and Evan/Genesis. You have a nice “trinity” there of superiority, hope and choice. Also, as long as Quire is written like he is in Wolverine & the X-Men it’ll be hilarious.

Pixie. It should be Pixie.

Marvel didn’t say Xavier was anachronistic: they said both he and Magneto were?

That’s impossible. The X-Men have been doing it Magneto’s way for the last 5 years it seems. He’s always been relevant.

Beast is the best choice. He isn’t emotional, thinks ahead, is good with public relations and seems interested in mutant issues. I feel like Scott has always been stuck in the role that Xavier forced him into and the other mutants expected him to do. If I were a mutant Hank would be the leader I’d look to.

Second choice, Madrox. The worst leader you could get would be one who has just always stuck around the X-Men because they were a mutant and. Jamie has some interesting philosphies that mutantkind can learn from.

Does anyone know for sure that the Xavier of the past won’t be part of All-New X-men? Perhaps old Xavier will be the new Xavier.

Like someone said, it’s the same pattern as AOA. Does it means that we will see the AOA in the main Marvel universe (death of Xavier, Evan knowing what he will become, Magneto in the X-Men’s rank is best suited to take Xavier’s path). Does it means that, how hard the X-Men tried to avoid the AOA, it is something that will happen eventually and that, it is just a matter of time.

Agree with Pymcoy about Madrox having some interesting philosophies which have served him and his team much better than the rest of the X teams. But I don’t see him taking on a bigger role and leading the main roster. Support and tactical/guidance advice, maybe, but all out leadership? Naah.

And I disagree about Hank being the most likely candidate for being a visionary leader. If this had been the 90s’ animated series universe then sure, but Beast in Marvel 616 has been written into a corner just like most of the other X-Men. His character is a mess currently and needs some soul searching to do before even thinking of stepping into Xavier’s shoes.

I say, go with Storm. She has always had the most stable and well defined set of ethics and morality among all of the X-Men, commands immense respect as a leader and is incredibly iconic unlike others like Madrox and Beast. Plus, Marvel always ends up wasting her anyway when they portray her as a follower. Marvel keeps searching for their own “Wonder Woman” among their female characters, in terms of popularity and iconic symbolism, and though they are currently making a big push for Carol Danvers, I think Ororo will fulfill that role with much more natural ease. Expanding on her role and significance will go a long way in achieving that.

All this sturm and drang about Charles’ “death” is hilarious to me because I don’t think he’ll be gone more than months tops! They’re rebooting X-Men Legacy to focus on Legion, a previously third-tier character who (a) is Charles’ son and (b) has the mutant power to absorb the mind and personality of dead people, especially dead people to whom Legion is telepathically connected. It has seemed obvious to me that Legacy is going to feature Xavier as one of Legion’s personalities until such time as he can get a new body. You’d think after all the hysteria about the senseless “killing” of Bucky-Cap at the end of “Fear Itself” — which was shown to be a fake-out less than two months later — people would be more prepared for Marvel’s crass merchandising schemes.

My vote for leadership of the X-men goes to Northstar

Seems like the obvious answer is the return of Jean Grey.

Axel Alonso said that fans were always divided between the Avengers and the X-Men. The distinction is with good reason. The X-Men have horrible characterisation. Magneto is unbelievable as a hero/ villain. Xavier bloody fell in love with his student and wiped out his student’s mind after a death. Cyclops is insensitive and has a superiority complex. The X-Men should just be rebooted

Yes the obvious choice would be Jean Grey, but from what Marvel has said, there is more story potential for a time displaced teen-Jean than the actual adult-Jean. The first student to become headmaster and the one x-men who has never lost sight of the dream.

Ugh, another death that will be retconned in about a year or so or when the next x-men movie comes out. This “event” has been a train wreck from the start. Marvel has finally succeeded in turning me off its books entirely.

Xavier and the rest are as much to blame as Cyclops. Neither side is asking what the other plans on doing if they get their way. There has been no discussion. Each side just continues to say: “It’s my way or else!”
Cyclops is doing what he believes is the right thing. Anyone who has kids would do anything to protect them.
He is behaving as he feels he should to protect Hope and the rest of the mutants.
If someone was to say to you, “Give me your child for the good of all.” Would you give up your kid? I don’t think so. Those of you who don’t have children, can’t answer this, because you can’t “imagine” what its like to have a kid. Only the real experience can help you understand.

Of course, absolute power, corrupts absolutely. We see this time and time again.
Can he be blamed for choices he’s made? Sure. Is it all him? No. Because if it was, Jean Grey would be considered a murderer….no matter what good she did, she still killed an entire star system and race. You can’t have it both ways. If Scott is “a bad guy” then Jean was a villain ten times over. Jean was seen as a victim during that whole story. Yet, Cyclops is seen as a “prick” because he is doing the things that must be done. Even Wolverine, who is KILLING PEOPLE is seen as more of a hero than Cyclops. Heck, the whole X-Force team is seen as heroes. Yet, Cyclops is a prick because he won’t take shit from anyone when it comes to mutants who were down to the last 198 or so.

Cyclops did not know what the Phoenix coming meant. He knew he was better equipped to handle it than the Avengers…as proven by AvX…but the Avengers interference has robbed us of what might have happened. I do not believe Cyclops was going to sacrifice Hope. Instead of letting Scott handle the situation, the Avengers took away his choices. They didn’t know what to do other than “put Hope in custody”. Unless I read it wrong, they had no plan other than to “take Hope” and hope for the best.

Scott’s plan was to train Hope to be able to handle the Phoenix force. There were doubts if she could handle it or if she wanted to handle it. So what happened? Cap said she comes with the Avengers. No if ands or buts. Scott said get lost. Cap said Scott had no choice. Scott said get lost with his visor. Then the Avengers attacked the island to get Hope. Then Hope took off…and went to the Avengers and what did they do???? They took her to K’un L’un and TRAINED HER TO DEAL WITH THE PHOENIX FORCE!!!! The exact thing Scott wanted in the first place. So the Avengers did what Scott wanted to do all along…except they painted him as the bad guy doing it.

Oh, and as much as anyone likes Storm, Kitty, Beast or Wolverine, none of them hold a candle to the inspirational power of Magneto. It will be Magneto who steps up or it will be …Xavier re-incarnated. Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, and all the rest are Generals. Only Magneto and Xavier are Kings!

Well, we can be pretty sure that it isn’t going to be Cyclops. The golden boy’s halo has been fairly well tarnished by now. It’d be a slap in the face if he’s left in any sort of charge.
Emma works best as a sort of “consigliere” ~ not really leading things but definitely influencing things. Of course, that was before AvX. I’m thinking she’ll have a bit of soul searching to do at the moment. Granted she may not feel all that responsible.
While Namor may be King in Atlantis by birthright, I doubt the surface world (certainly Wakanda) is going to regard him in any positive light any time soon based on his actions during AvX.
Neither Colossus nor Magik ended up well after AvX. Mostly used as a philosophical pillar with muscle within the X community ~ we already know Peter’s going to be running around with Cable’s X-Force as a result. Magik certainly isn’t going to be leading anyone anytime soon.

For all the fuss over her, I doubt that Hope has any intentions in regards to that role at the moment.

Beast, for all of his wisdom and knowledge, hasn’t really stood out as anything but a disgruntled voice concerning the general directions of the various X-Men.
Angel’s a mess at the moment and somewhat of an unknown element. Too unreliable plus he’s never really stepped into the spotlight as a leader per se.
Iceman needs time. Bobby’s been on the sidelines for a long time now and is ~ maybe ~ starting to realize that he needs to step up with things. As potentially powerful as he is, Iceman’s never really been one to stand out as a sort of eternal jokester.
Jean’s dead. Maybe. Let’s not open this can of worms again.

Wolverine’s often quoted as being a leading figure ~ but he’s not really the type. Not really.
Storm and Rogue are listed as being strong possibilities ~ provided they manage their personal troubles to a minimum. Ororo does have a slight edge over Rogue in the leadership department …
Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) is a very strong potential. Smart and well liked ~ you’d imagine that she’s got a bit of goodwill on her side after that business with the “Otherworld bullet”. The problem is she needs to start emerging into the spotlight as a leading figure and not stay into the shadows (insert really bad pun here).

Moira’s dead and so is Sean (Banshee I). Naturally, they’re out of consideration as “Mentor” figures.

Although definitely a polarizing figure ~ Max Eisenhardt aka Magneto may be the only real contender here as a leader. Of course, he’s got quite the mountain to climb here. Question of the day would be whether or not he’s reformed enough.

Alex (Havok) needs spotlight time. Of course, his personal life is a mess ~ he and other mutants just got back from being in space ~ his brother, Cyclops, has disgraced himself ~ his girlfriend, Lorna, has just found out some unsettling news about her past ~ his father, Corsair, was murdered by Vulcan, a brother he never knew he had ~ he’s going to want a fresh start of things.

Neither Rachel Grey nor Cable are going to be considered for the post anytime soon. Nathan Grey’s doubtful as well. Legion’s too unstable.

Unless Xavier is resurrected or re-emerges as still alive ~ the choices are basically limited to a small handful of potentials. Beyond that ~ who knows?

Wonder how Cain Marko aka Juggernaut regards the whole mess? I know he and Charles had their issues ~ he’s fought against and with the X-Men ~ would Xavier’s death change his perspective any?

Liam, learn to read.

The whole tone of AvX has been completely off from the very start. It starts with Cap being kind of a d**k, and then Cyclops being an even bigger (and out of character) d**k. They just wanted to start things out in a big “superhero war” way, they forgot to add logic. The original SECRET WARS reads like Shakespeare compared to this dreck. And if there’s one character that got totally thrown under the bus in all of this, it’s Hope. This whole thing is SUPPOSED to be about her, and she shows up every so often to remind everyone that she’s still involved. Why did they go to K’un L’un? What does Iron Fist have to do with anything in this series? Why does everything that seems like it’s supposed to be important seem like a total red herring?

And #11 is easily going to be one of my least favorite issues of the year. It does everything wrong. What’s scary here is that everyone involved is extremely talented, but they just haven’t put out a real quality issue this whole time.

As to who leads after this, it’s such a non-issue. Cyclops will eventually end back up leading, as soon as they un-dickify him.

Well, the obvious answer would be a time displaced Xavier! It worked for the other X-men, right?

Dani Moonstar might be the best choice for leader. She’s been mostly human since Scarlet Witch robbed her of her birthright and despite Emma’s attempt to segregate her out as merely a human, came back to join and later take back the reigns of leadership of the New Mutants from Cannonball. She’s a great example of how humans and mutants can co-exist (admittedly, a fair number of her strong recent stories have to do with being Hela’s Valkyrie).
However, pretty much after Karma’s faked death, she’s been a consistent personality and leader despite running the gamut of the power range (quantum arrows, death vision powers, mirages, solid psi-forms, powerless, etc). Also, as a Cheyenne woman, she has two extra layers of experience/history when it comes to discrimination. Would be interesting to incorporate, for example, some metaphors of the Native American/First Nations experience to the world of the X-Men as has been done with the Black Experience and LGBTQ.

It sounds like you’re saying that in the wake of Xavier’s death, we need… Hope?

Considering the focus she received at the start of AvX, you sort of imagine her doing SOMETHING now, right?

Johnny V, that was very well said. Cyke is indeed being judged much more harshly than Jean was, even though she’s the one who wiped out an entire planet.

Scott will indeed have some fences to mend if he wants to be seen as a hero again sometimes soon. However, that may not be what marvel has in store for him. Back during the original Phoenix saga, one of the ideas juggled with had been to leave Jean as a villain. That was a fresh idea at the time, because many bad guys had gone over to the side of the angels, but the opposite never happened. Today, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cyclops was presented as a New Magneto, a mutant who’s ready to stand up for his people and who won’t take guff from nobody.

Since he’s at heart an upstanding fellow, he’d probably be very reluctant to take Magneto’s place as the Rebel Mutant Leader or whatever. But he could also decide that it’s a role he has to play to protect mutantkind. (President of a New Genosha? I’m sure many mutants would feel safer under his protection over there than under Captain America’s over here).

Xavier should of taken pixie with him

No mention of Havok?, the new mutant leader of the uncanny Avengers and, in my personal opinion, a much better character and leader than his dickhead brother

+juan @ Johnny V. Cyclops and Magneto are the real X-MEN, not those traitorous fakes (logan, rogue, havok, iceman, beast and so on). All in all, X-men are the KINGS of Marvel.

Scott Summers has been slowly getting screwed over but they totally destroyed him with AvsX. For his sake I hope he gets rested until a good writer comes and saves him. The writers made this idealistic and stoic character into a complete and utter tool.

Tired of seeing him as Emma’s boytoy and everyone using him as a physical/verbal punching bag.

Someone please bring back the stoic Cyclops of yore.

^^^ What Yuri said ^^^ I don’t remember ever witnessing a grand scale screw job to a character as much as what has been done to Scott Summers. This is a freakin’ travesty. All so Marvel can claim Wolverine as the “greatest X-Man of all time”…

You bandhoppers make me sick. Only reason why Wolverine isn’t the franchise now is because he still can’t out pace Spidey to kids. Hell, kids love Spidey more than they love Superman and he’s the big blue schoolboy…

Having not been mentioned in the new Cable book
I suspect Hope dies or something similar in the last issue
Of AvX. Her ‘death’ or whatever also allows Bishop to return
to hero status after the first arc of the other X-Force book
If I’m wrong and Hope survives into Cable’s book it
Should make for another interesting chase.

The reboot worked for DC because it put characters from DC, Vertigo, Milestone
And Wildstorm in one universe which is pretty damn cool. That one aspect brought
In plenty of new eyes including my own. A Marvel reboot would still be the same
Action figures tumbling in the same dryer. Marvel needs to dig deep in its library
And resurrect old forgotten characters with new ideas. Kiss and make up with
Grant Morrison already.

What Marvel needs more than anything else is an end to the big summer crossover “event”. Excessive crossover-itis is why I stopped reading Marvel in the first place. The story is uneven, the tie-ins make no sense, and the character motivation is contrived at best and straight BS at its worst. And then in two months the universe changing crossover is forgotten for a return to the status quo. I came back to comics after the Avengers Movie, but my monthly title pull list is going to be DC for the foreseeable future.

If they killed one dinosaur, kill another DEATH TO MAGNETO! If only because I want to see his delusional fans Rivka Jacobs cry, as well as the other one I keep hearing so much about, the one who has been banned 9,000 times from many places. Idiots actually think a Magneto series will be a top seller nowadays, News Flash Losers! Magneto Not A Hero which was a 4 issue mini-series barely managed to crack the sales chart at #99 with issue 3. Bitches need to crawl out of Magneto’s ass: they have their head so far up in his wrinkly old asshole they could probably detect cancerous polyps.

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