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The savage pen of Alex Toth

Like a lot of kids who grew up reading Savage Sword of Conan, I knew I liked the art, but wasn’t aware of how much true greatness Marvel’s black-and-white magazine packed into its pages. It wasn’t until later that I started paying attention to artists’ names and learned about people like Neal Adams, John Buscema and Walt Simonson. And it wasn’t until this week that I learned Alex Toth was one of the Savage Sword artists as well. The legendary cartoonist and animation designer drew ten pin-ups for the magazine, nine of which have turned up on the Michael Sporn Animation blog. See some highlights after the break (including a Justice Society piece too nice not to share) and the whole awesome gallery in the link.



I’d like to see more super hero stories drawn by Tooth, Big 2 characters, or classic characters.
Is there an easy index, or anyone point out a couple good issues to look for?

Try the Comic Book DB for a listing of Toth’s work:

Great artist.

Not too many of the big 2 come to mind, Green Lantern #171 has some nifty Terry Austin inks and this:

Thanks fellas! I guess I shoulda just done that CBDB search myself.
Still appreciate recommendations for favorit/specific issues!

In that case, I would recommend this Superman Annual:

I just lost several hours engrossed in that Grantbridge Street blog.

High points in his superhero output include an issue of Brave & the Bold featuring the Flash and the Atom, a Black Canary story, a Batman story (Death Flies the Haunted Skies), and a couple of stories about The Fox, for Archie/Red Circle. But those are tough to track down cheaply; your best bet for a big, cheap dose of Toth superhero art is his Eclipso stories, collected in DC’s Eclipso Showcase (alongside a ton of lesser art, unfortunately). This material can also be seen at, in their Page of the Day feature (September 2013).

He also did a lot of superheroes in the ’40s, which aren’t among his better stuff, and pencilled an issue of the X-Men, which was buried under Colletta’s inks.

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