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Top Cow kicks off search for unpublished writer and artist

Here’s one that might have got missed over the holiday weekend: Top Cow Productions has announced a talent hunt for two previously unpublished writers and artists. You can see a rundown of the rules below, or on the publisher’s website. They’re very stringent, understandably enough in the current culture of litigation. Still, this is a high-profile gig, so it’d be worth doing the research to pull it off. The recent success of the Cyber Force Kickstarter campaign shows Top Cow is  publisher with both a supportive fanbase and a helluva knack with a publicity campaign.




Interesting! Makes me wish I was more up to date on what Top Cow is up to. The two questions that come to mind are (1) What qualifies as unpublished? I assume “I published my own comic through a POD service” would be okay, but “I wrote a 3-issue miniseries for IDW” would not. And (2) Do they literally mean ONLY those characters? Like, even “generic cop” or “crowd of people running away from the bad guy screaming” are off limits?

What exactly do they want? 2 paragraph detailed plot? 22-page script including description of art layout? something in-between?

When is the deadline?

Never mind. Found out the details on their Facebook page.

This would be a FUCKING FANTASTIC opportunity. IF i had the slightest idea about who/what any of those characters were.


Spot on

this is sweet – im goin here and there to find details, but i havent found out where we are submitting the art or who we’re contacting to link the art to.

if anyone could link me over pls do. Thanks!

THOUSANDS of unemployed tried and true comic book professionals, but Top Cow is the big man for bringing a couple more untested kids into the mix. The industry is saved!

“This would be a FUCKING FANTASTIC opportunity. IF i had the slightest idea about who/what any of those characters were.”

Absolutely. No clue, either.

It’s a great way to promote their own titles and find new talent. However it is a downfall here that I don’t know the characters well enough to write anything for them. Good luck to those that apply!

Wow, I can’t believe the bile being spewed around here.

1. Why does it matter that you’ve never heard of the characters? Top Cow has a fairly sizable dedicated fanbase who know who these characters are, and this contest is pretty obviously geared toward them. And Ian Nottingham isn’t that obscure…he’s been one of the main bad guys in Witchblade (one of the bestselling comics of the ’90s) since the very beginning, and was a character on the Witchblade TV series.

2. More than a few comics pros have gotten their start through talent contests. Off the top of my head: Mark Bagley, J. Scott Campbell, and Ale Garza. And the idea that anyone who wins this contest is “untested” is silly…the contest itself is the test!

I personally think this is a really cool opportunity to get people excited about Top Cow books, and to let two lucky fans get a foot in the door in the industry. But why feel it necessary to come here and post “Har har I’ve never heard of these characters either!”? If it’s not for you, it’s not for you, but there’s no need to be obnoxious about it.

A professional writer-for-hire would be expected to do the necessary research and it shouldn’t be any different in this case. You’re applying for a job here — you need to show them you can do it. Yeah, it would be nice if they’d look at Batman pitches or original work, but I can understand why they won’t.

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