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Tyler Kirkham to replace Brett Booth on Teen Titans?

With Teen Titans #0 in stores this week, artist Tyler Kirkham made his first foray into DC Comics’ teen-oriented team title. According to Kirkham, it certainly won’t be his last. Bleeding Cool has picked up a tidbit from Kirkham’s website, which states he’ll be moving to Teen Titans.

“Having worked on Green Lantern titles for the passed 2 years, I’m now moving on to Teen Titans,” Kirkham wrote. “So I wanted to do a Huge Green Lantern art sale to show my appreciation to everyone who read my issues.”

Kirkham is the current artist on Green Lantern: New Guardians. Although his post implies he’ll be leaving the book for Teen Titans, there has been no official word from DC about the artistic shift. Although, considering the recent artist shuffles with Yildiray Cinar doing a two issue fill-in on Earth 2, Alberto Ponticelli coming on to Dial H and Ivan Reis and Joe Prado taking over Justice League a change in some of the other New 52 titles isn’t exactly unexpected. Judging from Kirkham’s statement, it seems likely more artistic changes are in store for the second year of the New 52.



How about some grammar check?



Really? “Grammar check?” Really?

You need to ensure that your proofing system is set for CONTEXT, not simple grammar or spelling. I copied and pasted Kirkham’s quote with the passage that so offended you and unchecked the “Use contextual spelling” box but checked the “Check grammar with spelling” box and it showed no error. Rechecking the “Use contextual spelling” box highlights the mistake. Since both “past” and “passed” are correct spellings and are both grammatically correct, a simple grammar check won’t necessarily show up as a mistake. The proper context is more important.

Additionally, the quote is taken directly from Kirkham’s website. What should have been done here is the placing of (sic). Personal websites (especially from writers who aren’t “pros”) are often laced with spelling errors since the person writing on the site isn’t expecting to be critiqued for his writing. (Now if Geoff Johns or Bendis had made such an error on their personal sites, the critique would be more than fair. From an artist, not so much.)

The thing about Kirkham is, he ends up looking very rushed after like 4 issue. I was picking up GLNG, and his stuff looked alright for like 5 months before petering out the way Jim Lee did on JL, only Tyler is not quite Jim Lee caliber (although I think he is kind of underrated).

The 0 issue looked solid and wasn’t a big departure from Booth’s style, but I’m worried how the book will start looking after he’s been on it a while. I have to give Booth huge props, his run hasn’t looked rushed at points (at least in my opinion) and has overall looked great.

I’m wondering what book he’s transitioning to (perhaps Red Hood? I’m one of the few who has actually enjoyed the writing on the book and I think he’d be a good fit, plus he collaborates well with Lobdell).

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