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Vasilis Lolos draws Hellboy fan comic

Some creators spend years pining to work on their favorite character. But others simply do it, despite it just being for fun.

Cartoonist Vasilis Lolos, whom we interviewed earlier this month, sent us a treat this week in the form of a five-page Hellboy comic he created for fun. Although he’s working on Conan the Barbarian at Dark Horse, which also publishes Hellboy, Lolos said he hasn’t had any talks with the publisher about working on Mike Mignola’s creation.

Here is the five-page comic featuring Hellboy along with some friends (and a few enemies):



If / When Mike Mignola retires (hopefully not anytime soon) he should consider Vasilis as his official replacement. These pages are gorgeous and Vasilis was clearly able to channel Mignola’s style into his own.

lolos is dope

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