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Watch the trailer for this week’s The Massive #4

Writer Brian Wood has released a brief trailer for The Massive #4 that not only teases the story and showcases the work of new artist Garry Brown — he replaces original artist Kristian Donaldson — and colorist Dave Stewart, but also offers up some catchy music. (Wood welcomed Brown to the series last month with a Q&A on Comic Book Resources.)

The Dark Horse series follows direct-action environmentalists in the wake of a crippling global ecological disaster as they sail the oceans aboard the Kapital in search of their lost sister ship the Massive, coming up against pirates, thieves and murderers as they try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

In Issue 4, which arrives today, pacifist Captain Callum Israel is confronted by a ghost from his past as a corporate mercenary as he searches for essential supplies in the black market.



Okay, I’ve read through issue #3 and I just don’t get the hype behind this series. It seems like it’s taking forever for the story to come together. Sadly, I don’t find the characters all that interesting, though the art is really good.

Seriously though, I was hoping for some intrigue or even something supernatural. I’m not one to use the word, but it really is just “meh”.

Was it ever explained why Kris left the series?

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