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Wish This Was Real | Brian Kesinger’s Steampunk Avengers

There have been other steampunk Avengers, but with the Hulk in suspenders and a bowler? I’d read a comic just about him.

Anyway, Brian Kesinger is awesome and you should check out his blog and DeviantArt page. He also does steampunk other things, like Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Star Wars. But if steampunk’s not your thing, his Hip Hop Boba Fett and Pooh vs. Voldemort are cool, too. I posted bunch of my favorites below.



those are awesome…. why do i love the Dino the best? cause its damn cool

Wow — re-reading my comment (which I wrote on the fly) — I didn’t say anything about how awesome Brian’s work was — and it is pretty sweet! Thanks for for posting!

Heh, ok that Hulk in a bowler was just epic. Really digging the Steampunk Optimus Prime, too!

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