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With a wink, DC ‘won’t confirm’ Scott Snyder Man of Steel comic

DC Comics is certainly in no hurry to quash rumors that celebrated Batman writer Scott Snyder is working on a Superman series that would tie into Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel. In fact, company executives appear to be encouraging the whispers — even if they stop just short of confirming them.

Rumblings of a possible Superman comic teaming Snyder with artist Jim Lee arose late last month out of Fan Expo Canada, and followed the publisher over the weekend to Baltimore Comic-Con, where DC’s Senior Vice President of Sales Bob Wayne is said to have sidestepped questions on the subject. But in‘s monthly Q&A with Wayne and Vice President of Marketing John Cunningham, the duo was a little more forthcoming. A little.

Asked to confirm that Snyder will tackle a Superman: Man of Steel series in 2013, Wayne replied, “I certainly won’t confirm that, but I will say that it is reasonable to assume that given the release of Man of Steel next summer, we will come up with a publishing program that will both augment and take advantage of that opportunity.”

If that weren’t clear enough, Cunningham added, “I think that ]a Scott Snyder Superman series] would be great. I’d read that.”

Clearly, DC thinks a lot of people would. With Zack Snyder’s franchise reboot opening June 14, 2013, the publisher still has plenty of time to announce a new series — y’know, if there is one.



Snyder on Supes feels like a no-brainer even without an upcoming movie. I’m not exactly his biggest fan either. Scott that is, Zack I don’t like at all.

Hmmmmm. Snyder writing Superman? Yeah, that’d be cool. But if it’s just a tie/prequel to the film, then I have no interest in the slightest. That kind of thing always ends up feeling a little naff and cash iny.

I wish all the new 52 Superman comics were like Earth One Superman. Snyder had Superman show up in Swampthing #1 and he did an excellent job. I’d read it!

Snyder would give me a reason to read Superman. Bring it on!

The Boy With A Herve Villechaize Tattoo

September 10, 2012 at 8:36 am

Whether it ties into the movie or not, I’d LOVE a Scott Snyder written Man Of Steel. Snyder should have been put on the main Superman title to begin with as the New 52 thing hit. I love the work of George Perez, but felt like top brass was pushing editorial to impose too much into that title and what resulted was an unfocused title. Wasn’t all too surprised when Mr. Perez stated his dissatisfaction on that level, after he left the title.
Snyder and Jim Lee on the title could be just the shot in the arm the Superman family of titles needs.
I’d love it to tie into the film, if only to get the film’s suit on the comic pages rather than the Jim Lee New 52 redesign. Please note, I’m a fan of Mr. Lee’s work, but not really digging his redesign. I actually favored his Superman of Earth 2 redesign a lot more than the New 52 one.
In any case, Snyder could do something cool!

Maybe this will cure “emo” Superman syndrome.

“I wish all the new 52 Superman comics were like Earth One Superman.” — ew, NO THANK YOU! That is a scary thought

I would love to have a new Superman series to read after Morrison leaves Action Comics. While that book’s not perfect, it has more energy and direction than any other series featuring the character.

I trust Scott Snyder more than Zack Snyder.

But what would he have to quite to write Superman. He’s got a pretty full plate with Batman, Swamp Thing, American Vampire and spinoffs, and Talon (for now). He won’t quite AmVamp, since he owns it. But I don’t want him to leave anything else, either.

I was really excited to see this post until I realized it was for a movie tie-in comic. I’m a huge fan of good superhero movies but the comics, like mentioned previously, are really just more of a suck on my pocket and, in this case, a tease of a great writer on a character I want some juice put back into. It’s been no secret that the regular Superman book has had incredible issues, even without the George Perez problems (btw, GO GEORGE!) but I can’t see myself really buying into this. Put him on a continuing Superman series and then I would read it. Otherwise stop with the c*&^tease DC!

It boggles my mind that DC has seemingly forgotten that 2013 is also Superman’s 75th anniversary. You’d think they’d mention that at some point.

Action Comics: Mark Waid
Superman: Scott Snyder.

It’s that easy. Watch the sales soar and the critics praise you.

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