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Woman proposes by sending boyfriend on Scott Pilgrim scavenger hunt

No matter how nerdy and cool you think you are, you’ll never be as cool and nerdy as this Scott Pilgrim fan, who proposed to her boyfriend during their trip to Toronto by sending him on a scavenger hunt involving locations depicted in Bryan Lee O’Malley’s bestselling series of graphic novels.

Instead of battling Seven Evil Exes, the lucky guy was tasked with finding such locations as Honest Ed’s and Pizza Pizza before ending up at Casa Loma, where his girlfriend popped the question, presenting a ring box (below) with “Level Up?” printed inside.

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Did she then feminize him with her teeth?

Time to join us in the 21st century, Johnny. You look ridiculous back there.

Here in Canada, we call it a Scott Pilgrimage

I have to agree: This is the coolest, most nerdiest proposal I’ve ever heard of and it is AWESOME!

Duh (after Homer S.) :p

At least he didn’t have to fight 7 ex-boyfriends. Congratulations!

Agree @David, @Starleafgirl.

This is exactly how I imagine Scott Pilgrim fans representing their abandonment of masculinity.

We don’t need to know your creepy wank fantasies, Steve.

Oh and most AMAZING GIRLFRIEND EVA!!!11!!! Even though she spelled “fiancee” wrong.

Sure beats her Dad showing up at your door with a shotgun because you’ve gotten her knocked up. Do Dads do that in Canada?

Yeah it is old fashioned but a guy should be the one to propose, and not because a woman can’t do it. It just seems sweeter for a man to man up; he took the easy way. Most girls are fine with marriage, the trick is to convince your man to ask!

But the girl must really love him, and she’s a sweetie.

Ugh Kevin, that’s just so limited. I love everything about this proposal including that it was the woman doing the asking. “The trick is getting your man to ask”? Good lord what issue of Cosmo is that from?

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