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Wondering what the fuss is about? Download Daredevil #1 for free

If, for some reason, you haven’t been reading Marvel’s relaunched Daredevil series and were puzzled by all of those Eisner Awards and Harvey Awards for the comic and for the creative team of Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera and Joe Rivera, and yet still hadn’t checked out the title — well, now you have no excuse: Marvel and comiXology are offering Daredevil #1 for free in digital form.

No grousing about how you don’t like to read on the screen; just go download the comic and enjoy.



It seems the house of no ideas is getting desperate eh?

It looks like Dark Knight doesn’t know much about digital comics. Marvel has been releasing a couple of free digital issues once a week on their Comixology app for a long, long time. Daredevil #1 just happens to be among the ones released this week.


Can you name other examples of big, popular #1’s that they have offered for free??

Otherwise, yeah, they are just copying what Image did a couple weeks ago. So – House of No Ideas


I can.

Week of Sep 25, 2012: Daredevil Vol 3, #1; X-Men: Phoenix Endsong #1
Week of Sep 18, 2012: Siege #1; Namor: The First Mutant #1; Silver Surfer #34 (Thanos appearance)
Week of Sep 11, 2012: X-Force #1; Ultimate Comics Captain America #1; Fantastic Four #583
Week of Sep 4, 2012: Battle Scars #1; Avengers: The Origin #1; Deadpool Pulp #1
Week of Aug 29, 2012: X-Men: Messiah Complex #1; Venom Vol 2 #1; War of Kings #1
Week of Aug 22, 2012: Mystic #1; Hulk #25 (1st Red Hulk solo); Moon Knight Vol 4 #1
Week of Aug 15, 2012: Daredevil Vol 2 #1; Captain America Corps #1; Deadpool #1

…etc. As SKFK said, they’ve been releasing new free issues each week. The issues usually hang around for about two weeks, and occasionally there’s a repeat — the Hulk issue this week (1st Planet Hulk) is one I apparently already had.

Complaining about Marvel giving away free stuff seems kind of silly. While what Image did with its number #1s was an innovative way to get a good amount of attention, it was hardly original. Every comic app has free issues.

Even if trying to rope in new readers by giving away a free issue isn’t an original idea, it’s a very good one.

Where can I check this weekly? This doesn’t seem to be publicized on either Marvel or Comixology’s sites.


comixology has a Free Comics link. When you click on it, it will list them all, broken down by week

These Marvel ones never show up. Some are still available (Venom) where others are not (FF # 583)

I don’t know how CDZYO does it, but I just make a habit of checking Marvel app on my Android device every Tuesday.

“Some are still available (Venom) where others are not (FF # 583)”

Like CDZYO said, the free issues are usually taken off the free list after a few weeks. Some of them stay free longer, like the infamous Amazing Spider-Man 9/11 issue.

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