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Amazon halts sales of Saga trade paperback has stopped selling Saga, Vol. 1, only days after its release, labeling the collection of the critically acclaimed sci-fi/fantasy series by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples as “under review.” An Image Comics representative told Comic Book Resources the online retail giant hasn’t explained why the book was pulled.

The generic “Item Under Review” label on the retailer’s Saga listing states “it is not currently offered by because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are shipping it, or the way it’s described here.” According to the Outhousers, there’s been at least one report of an Amazon-shipped copy of the trade paperback being “‘extremely wavy’ due to heat warping.”

As Image notes on its Twitter feed, Saga is still available through the Barnes & Noble website, and from direct-market stores. It can also be purchased from other sellers through

Debuting in March, Saga follows two soldiers from opposite sides of an intergalactic war who fall in love and risk everything for their newborn daughter, in the process becoming fugitives on the run from their own governments.

We’ll update when we know more.



good job on the misleading title.

How is that a misleading title?

It’s misleading in the sense that the headline perfectly describes the content of the article. Which is to say, not at all misleading.

This is nothing new. This happens with trades periodically on amazon; they did it with the New 52 “Animal Man” trade a few months ago, and I noticed it with another trade amonth or so back. I’ve never seen it last more than 2-3 days. This is a very slow news day, evidently…

Very accurate title, actually.

I noticed this for a BPRD trade I tried to order last week; it was corrected the next day. It might seem frustrating, but it’s actually quite nice that Amazon cares and responds so quickly.

Happened to Batman Inc HC, too. Nothing new. Ho hum.

Lame report. This happens LITERALLY all the time. Happened with the new Criminal Hardcover, Happened with Hellboy LC, etc. Usually takes a couple of days to be available again.

There sure are a lot of guys on their period this Friday.

Tom Fitzpatrick

October 26, 2012 at 2:40 pm

Unless, maybe, some people found out about that “planet” that offers you all you desire for a price? ;-)

I got the Marvelous land of Oz trade pulled.

I ordered the book for my daughter. It arrived and the pages were falling out due to the binding not being glued properly. I reordered a replacement and sent the first back. After about 2 days, the pages started falling out of the second copy. So I requested another replacement copy. At that point, Amazon just refunded my money and pulled the item and placed it “under review” due to a potential defect. I wound up getting the hardcover because a 3rd party seller was offering it on Amazon cheaper than what I paid for the paperback.

They must have figured it out, because it’s available on the site again.

I suspect that there is a similar issue with this book.

This is such a misleading title. What does Themyscira have to do with this story?!

Having gone through this with the Swamp Thing softcover, this usually gets triggered when the mailing materials selected for the book aren’t keeping intact. In the case of the Swamp Thing book, they were sending it out in a flimsy padded envelope, which meant a lot of people were getting rolled or bent books.

In a couple of days they’ll no doubt put it back out for sale, and by that point they’ll have flagged it as needing to being shipped in a stiff cardboard sheath and/or box.

While we’re on the subject, where the hell has Saga BEEN these past weeks? I’m getting antsy.

I used to work with Amazon and this problem happened frequently. If there are a specific number of complaints about the physical quality of the book—pages might be missing, it might be bound upside down or have mis-cut folded pages—the book is taken off of sale while they determine if this problem extends to all their stock or just a handful of copies. (It also might be that Amazon’s shipping processes are resulting in the books being damaged during shipping.)

The publishers or distributors are also notified to check their copies to see if this is a book-wide printing error. Amazon generally works quickly to get the book back on sale within the shortest time possible.

Having purchased Saga through Amazon, a lot of it is probably based on the printing quality of the book. It is really not something you’re buying to leave to the next generation. Much flimsier and it would be newsprint for recycling. Not that I think it’s bad for the price – it’s a great read. It’s just kind of disposeable stock.

I hate to be that guy, but this really worth an article? I’ve seen the same message when trying to order many different trades on Amazon, and none of those gaps in availability were deemed worthy of a blog post. This isn’t a big deal, in my experience whatever issues they were having with the trades I wanted were resolved relatively quickly.

This happened with the first Morning Glories trade a while back. Apparently the ISBN was the same for Forgetless (both from Image and Shadowline) and people were receiving Forgetless instead of Morning Glories. They had to pull the Morning Glories and Forgetless listings while they figured it out.


October 27, 2012 at 5:56 pm

The item is under review because the books were warping from the heat of the sin and hellfire contained in the pages of this book.

Actually this is cool because I somehow missed hearing this came out already!

Wow, glad i bought a copy from the shop here instead of online (gift for a friend).

It’s misleading in that it makes it sound like Amazon had some kind of agenda against Saga, censorship related or summat.

“It’s misleading in that it makes it sound like Amazon had some kind of agenda against Saga, censorship related or summat.”

Not really. “Amazon halts sales of Saga trade paperback” doesn’t give me any info that thinks there’s some sort of agenda or censorship involved, nor does the story that follows.

Is the 5th volume of the trade series available yet? I have up to the fourth and do not know what chapter that would count as in the comics and really want to find out what happens next (had accidentally ordered the fifth and six chapter instead of the trade series because I have only recently gotten more into reading/buying comics and don’t know -the names of- all the different versions and such). Does anyone know if the 5th and/or 6th volume has even been started yet? It would really help.

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