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Amazon Studios debuts second issue of free comic


Amazon made a splash last month with the publication of Blackburn Burrow, a digital comic that it’s distributing for free via its Amazon Studios, a crowdsourcing project for movie scripts. Written by Ron Marz and illustrated by Matthew Dow Smith, the comic originated as an Amazon Studios screenplay and was produced by 12 Gauge Comics. Not only was the first issue free, but Amazon actually paid people to read it: Anyone who read the first issue and filled out a short survey got a $5 Amazon gift card.

Well, Issue 2 is now out, and while Amazon may not pay you to read it, it’s still free on Graphicly or via the Kindle store, and you’re still welcome to share your thoughts via a survey. You may not get five bucks, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have made the eventual movie that will be produced from this marginally better.

Issue 3 will be out in November.

(via Dread Central)



As one who was paid to read the first issue, I’d definitely have to be paid to read further. But hey, I’m all for Ron Marz getting a check and doubt the generic, cliched trappings of the property were his doing.

Really wearing that Mignola influence on its sleeve.


October 23, 2012 at 12:18 pm

I think Mignola will become a style or genre pretty soon. He’s being copied all over the place these days!

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