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Artist Connor Willumsen abruptly exits Wolverine MAX

Who knew Wolverine MAX would be so bloody? Oh, sure, a Wolverine title in Marvel’s MAX line was bound to have a body count, but after just one issue, the series has already claimed a victim: one of its artists.

Following the release last week of Wolverine MAX #1, one of its two artists Connor Willumsen announced on his blog he won’t be drawing any future issues, citing ” a disrespect of agreement” by the publisher. He went on to say that he asked Marvel to remove his name from the book entirely but was unsuccessful.

Willumsen was solicited as co-artist alongside Roland Boschi, sharing the duties on the debut issue and then alternating afterward, with Willumsen solicited to draw the full second issue. There’s no word on who will draw the second issue now, but Marvel has since announced that Felix Ruiz will take over Willumsen’s part of Issue 3.

This isn’t the only troubles with the book. Bleeding Cool reports that Boschi stated at last weekend’s Paris Comics Expo he was just instructed by Marvel to redraw 13 pages of the series in less than a week due to script rewrites. No word yet on if Boschi is rushing on pages to the second issue, or a future issue.

Wolverine MAX #2 was originally solicited for release on Nov. 7, but with these artistic shuffles it was no surprise that Marvel revised the expected ship date to Nov. 28.



Given what a mess this is, I would not be surprised if Marvel just delayed the whole series indefinitely or even canceled it altogether (as with that Spencer/Cloonan Doom mini). It’s not like they would’ve sold a gajillion copies of this anyway.

Maybe they should have waited until they had more than one issue in the can before soliciting–you know, like they should have done with Uncanny Avengers.

Trevor Helm Campbell THC

October 31, 2012 at 12:45 pm

Marvel NOW is gonna suck so bad. At least with the NEW 52 this kind of stuff didnt happen til a few months in, not two weeks into the relaunch!

THC…this book has no connection to Marvel NOW. So your claims are unwarranted.

Good lord, you wouldn’t expect an R-rated alternate universe title to have such stringent editorial constraints. I wouldn’t, at least.

That’s a shame, my only interest in the series was to see more of Connor Willumsen’s art. Now that he’s out there’s nothing there for me. His six pages in the first issue easily outshines the rest of the book.

Agree with Fahad.
Willumsen was the best part of that book.

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