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Careful, James Kochalka, this is how a beef starts

Occasional Marvel employee James Kochalka’s first impression is right, that cover is awful, least of all because of Mark Bagley’s Joe Quesada’s illustration. As sickly sentimental as the composition is, the worst crime there is the dreadful typography.

Anyway, Kochalka is just too darned nice to really go for the throat. As he notes below this entry on his Tumblr, “All apologies to the artists involved.  I know how hard this is without random dudes trolling you on the internet … so I hope you just take this as a bit of good-natured teasing.”



Why is it awful? Or is it because “Spider-Man is dead” is a stupid marketing concept designed to goose sales in the short term, but induce gaping boredom by readers tired of having their emotional chains yanked repeatedly?

Actually I’m pretty sure that’s Joe Quesada art on the cover, not Mark Bagley.

Considering he did die and has not (yet) come back…

I thought Quesada did the cover illustration. (And I’d say the design of the second-wave Ultimate books are still tons better than the first.)

I always liked that cover.

That cover is not that bad. Spider-man has had hundreds of covers far worse!

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