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George Romero writing ‘secret’ zombie comic for Marvel

Horror legend George A. Romero, who essentially created the zombie subgenre as we now know it, has revealed he’s writing a comic for Marvel.

“I’m writing it now, but its plot is a secret,” the 72-year-old filmmaker told Twitch. Prodded for details, he added, “Well, I can tell you it won’t involve any of their on-going characters, there will be no superheroes. But it will involve zombies!”

That naturally rules out Marvel Zombies, which have attracted such horror notables as Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead), David Wellington (Monster Island), Jonathan Maberry (Ghost Road Blues), Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter), while opening up a post-apocalyptic world of possibilities.

Romero isn’t a stranger to comic books: He wrote the 2004-2005 DC Comics miniseries Toe Tags, based on an unused move script.



Well, here’s hoping.
His last 3 movies have created new levels of suck. He has bought into the misbelief that his zombies movies are ‘social commentaries’ I guess because some in the industry have said that over and over again. Someone needs to tell Romero that no one wants his politics in his zombie movies. That’s not what zombie fans watch them for.
But it’s what’s made me lose all respect for the man.

While I liked “Land” and “Diary” well enough, “Survival” was a steaming pile of garbage. I think that can be blamed mostly on his need to add “comedy” to it.

That said, Romero really needs to let zombies go. Maybe find some new subgenre or entirely new genre to invigorate his work.

@Skott: Romero has ALWAYS meant for his movies to be social commentaries … this is not a new thing … he didn’t “[buy] into the misbelief”, he created it

A female zombie riding a (living) horse. Can’t beat that image.

@Jim Dallas-Agreed.

@Eric — You’re right, GAR being the principal icon of an horror subgenre that is in the middle of a renaissance is simply not enough. George needs to reinvent the romcom. #thatssarcasmforyou

In my opinion Survival was his overall best zombie film since Dawn. Day and Land were fine, and even Diary was more interesting than 90% of 21st century horror movies.

Dawn itself had plenty of comedy, it’s hardly a “new” ingredient.

“Just because I’m showing somebody being disemboweled doesn’t mean I have to get heavy and put a message round it.”

Jesus…and we denigrate George Lucas for riding the dead horse that is Star Wars for 30 years now… at least Lucas created a massive world…and had a hand on other things like Indiana Jones.

What has Romero EVER done with his creative life besides zombies? Seriously. This is all this guy has. Please…write something new for God’s Sake…with NO Zombies!!

“What has Romero EVER done with his creative life besides zombies?”

Among the highlights: The Crazies. Knight Riders. The Dark Half. Monkey Shines. Creepshow. Martin.

He had 20 zombie-free years between Dawn and Land; there’s a large enough slice of the public that want his zombie movies to keep them getting made. Viewing them is optional, not compulsory, so what is there to complain about?

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