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Good Gorn Almighty: Dusty Abell’s amazing Star Trek: TOS tribute

The first time I came across the work of Dusty Abell was in 1991, when he was tasked as the artist to bring some Silver-Age brightness into the gloomy dystopia of the Keith Giffen/Tom & Mary Bierbaum-era of the Legion of Super-Heroes. As far as I can tell, he hasn’t worked regularly in comics for more than a decade, and these days mainly plies his trade as a character designer for television animation, working on King of the Hill, Ben 10 and Young Justice, among others. He does, however, occasionally post incredibly detailed labors of love at his deviantART page, such as his heavily-blogged Saturday Morning Action Adventure TV and SciFi Heroes of the ’70s pieces from a few years back.

It’s taken a while, but he’s followed those pieces up with Star Trek: The Original Series, attempting to include “at least one, sometimes more, character, entity, starship or structure from every episode of the original series, 80 in all including the pilot, in this piece”. Thankfully, for us less-committed Trekkers, he’s also included a key.



Amazing! You don’t know how many lovely memories this has brought me.

Nerd question:

Is Balok there? And I mean the fake head not Clint Howard with the Tranya cause I see him

That’s AWESOME! Thanks for linking that!

Puppet Balok is just to the right of the Guardian of Forever.

Very very Cool I love it!!!! WoW Totally impressed by this art!!

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