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Joe Quesada bringing Marvel NOW! to Jimmy Kimmel Live

Joe Quesada on "The Colbert Report"

In a bit of corporate synergy, Joe Quesada will pay a visit Tuesday on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live to launch Marvel NOW! with the debut of Uncanny Avengers, and to … propose a team-up with the talk-show host?

“First Jimmy Kimmel rocked the Emmys in front of the entire world and now he’s set his sights on the Marvel Universe,” Marvel’s chief creative officer said in a statement. “I’m looking forward to meeting with him to see just what he has planned for the Avengers, Spider-Man, Wolverine or whichever of Marvel’s superheroes interest him the most. But this is Marvel NOW! and we’re going to need the biggest ideas to compete with what we’ve planned! One things for sure — you’ve never seen Marvel on TV like this before!”

I’m not sure what that means, but the last time the publisher teamed with a talk-show host was in 2008, when Stephen Colbert ran for president of the United States in the Marvel Universe. He won the popular vote but ultimately lost to Barack Obama in the electoral college.

Quesada has appeared three times on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report. Tuesday will mark the first time a comic artist has stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live. The show airs at midnight ET/PT on ABC.



As someone who has worked in a political campaign and been apart of politics which is highly devoted to maintaining or creating an image for a candidate. I find it a little bit sad marvel doesn’t try a little harder with their publicity. Joe Quesada should not be the face that welcomes in new readers and while its wrong of me to judge someone on looks thats exactly what people do.

Disney/Marvel needs someone on the comics side to be a face for publicity not someone who looks and sounds like a nerdy stereotype.

You’re not being too harsh, I totally agree. They need to get a writer or artist to promote this. If Morrison had appeared on a show like this to promote the New 52 that would’ve been cool. Marvel should get Matt Fraction to make these appearances.

Well, that’s why we need a new Neil Gaiman to some degree… It’s been a while since we had a figure in comics who was articulate, “cool” and looked like a rock star.

Wait, Joe Quesada looks and sounds like a nerdy stereotype but Grant Morrison doesn’t?

I’m fans of both, but Joe Quesada looks and sounds like an a regular guy where as Morrison is the guy who looks like he is from the future and sounds like he is a professor of Philosophy. I would rather listen to the later, but I’m not sure how that would be more appealing to the “regular” crowd.

I don’t know if this is such a good idea. Kimmel seems more like the type to maliciously make fun of comics instead of lovingly making fun of them like Colbert would do (this is an important difference). I’d say they should go to Craig Ferguson, but I guess he’s on later and probably has lower ratings..

Nathan Fairbairn

October 8, 2012 at 8:20 pm

Yeah. If Marvel is doing the talk show route, I’m surprised they didn’t tap Fraction for the job. He’s a quick wit and dresses like a hipster. TV shows like that sort of thing.

Concerned with looks?
Yea, because John Madden’s years of appearances did so much to turn people off from Football.
Way to focus on the wrong thing commentators.

Concerned with looks?
Yea, because John Madden’s years of appearances on Carson did so much to turn people off from Football, and Truman Capote turned the whole country off of literature too.
Way to focus on the wrong thing commentators.

JRC, football is ridiculously popular in America, and literature will never go out of style. Comics are a very niche product. A young, handsome, witty writer would sell comics to a general audience much more effectively than a middle-aged exec/former editor.

It’s good to see Marvel taking advantage of Disney’s resources!

Also, I agree with the above posters. Fraction would have been a better face for Marvel. He appeals to the cool kidz.

From the brilliant mind that brought us Spider-Man making a deal with the devil.

I won’t argue whether Joe Q is the right guy to send there or not. But I don’t see the point in sending Fraction. He doesn’t have any official position that I’m aware of and he isn’t writing any of the supposed flagship titles. So what would be the point. If they were to actually send a writer then send Remender. At least he is writing UA.

I will not give Marvel Comics a cent of my money while this clown is at the helm. Not a cent. Worst writer I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading in my 40 years as a fan, and a Horrible CCO. Great artist, sure. That’s it. Spider-man making a deal with the devil? What’s next, Captain America becomes a prostitute? And this clown is representing the company in the media? Go back to the drawing board, Quesada, where you belong. Or even better, just go away.

So “Tuesday” and “midnight” throw me. Is it coming up tonight, or has this already happened?

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