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Mike Hawthorne previews his new French series Oms En Série

Mike Hawthorne
is easily one of the most underrated artists in American comics. Given this level of appreciation, it’s no wonder he’s skipped off to produce work for the French market. There’s a preview of the first book he’s been working on for the BD publisher Ankama Editions, Oms En Série: 1 Terr, Sauvage, on the BD Gest website. There are some lovely pages at that link, the line work and color palette remind me of Moebius’s early-’80s work such as L’Incal and Les Jardins d’Edena, and the plot that can be discerned from this short section remind me of that one Porno For Pyros song.  All together now: “We’ll make great pets, we’ll make great pets.”



Neat. I hope someone like Archaia or Cinebooks does some translations of these for the English-speaking market.

What’s the connection between this BD and Fantastic Planet / La Planete Sauvage? Straight adaptation?

I was thinking La Planete Sauvage too, giant blue aliens and all. Looks good.


The title “Oms En Série: 1 Terr, Sauvage”
Oms was the name of the human in LA PLANETE SAUVAGE.
Its different way of saying “Hommes” which means “Men” in French.

Superb artwork but I hope they give credits to René Laloux’s masterpiece.

Thanks for the explanation, Arc-Vile.

Both La PLANETE SAUVAGE and this comics are adaptations of Stefan Wul novel OMS en Serie, from 1957.
I just read this book, and I really enjoyed the adaptation and gorgeous art.
Great work!

Paul is correct, the book is the basis for the movie Fantastic Planet/La Planete Sauvage and this comic.

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