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Mike Mitchell re-skins Superman #6 with disturbing results

Illustrator Mike Mitchell, artist of the Tumblr-baiting Just Like Us series, has a new series on the go, re-skinning the classic strongman pose from the cover of Superman #6 with the wardrobe of other pop-culture icons. And the results are, to say the least, a little bit freaky. More below, and the full set so far can be seen here.



You know you’ve read comics for too long when you ask, “which Superman 6?”

The Harry Potter one made me laugh. But I don’t get it….that’s Harry and not Superman. Cute glasses and all ;)

I love Mike’s stuff.

@Simon: indeed. Sad but true. Thanks for the chuckle.

That was my immediate question as well, until of course I saw the pics….

Yeah, that’s why I felt I had to include the link!

I lost my **** at the Charlie Brown one

That’s a wonder, man.

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