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Move over, Deadpool, Hugh Jackman slices it ‘Gangnam Style’

Just last month, a pelvis-thrusting Deadpool got in on the “Gangnam Style” craze, encouraging passersby to dance with him to Psy’s inescapable (and undeniably catchy) tune. But as entertaining as that video is, it pales in comparison to this photo the South Korean rapper tweeted today of himself doing the now-famous horse-riding dance with Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman — complete with claws — on the Japanese Australian set of Fox’s The Wolverine. Or, as the actor describes it, “Slicing gangnam style!!!!”

Jackman, of course, is no stranger to song and dance, having starred in Carousel, The Boy from Oz and Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway. Before beginning work on The Wolverine, he wrapped production on the musical drama adaptation Les Misérables.



Schnitzy Pretzelpants

October 16, 2012 at 4:29 pm

You forgot the musical that essentially put him on the map in the UK and America – Oklahoma.

He was one of the first Curly’s in years that actually did the dancing in the ballet/dream sequence of that production, as he was one of the first Curly’s that was adept enough to do the dancing required.

I’m not a big musical fan, and was coerced by a then-girlfriend to see the show at The Nation in Great Britain, but man that was one hulluva show.

I read later that the director, Trevor Nunn, actually had them ‘act’ their lines for close to a full month before letting them sing them. I have no trouble believing this, as it seemed so connected and well performed and one of the first musicals I had ever seen where I felt – songs or not – like I was watching real people and fully fledged characters. The songs seemed therefore to ‘belong’ rather than feel forced.

Rhis was actually taken in Australia not Japan. The Wolverine is filming alot of scenes in Australia.

It really doesn’t matter where this was taken, or what reviews of Hugh Jackman’s first play has anything to do with anything, but this is rad.

There, I said it. I thought this whole Gangman style thing was over, but this oddly made it cool for me again.

@schnitzy, great post!

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