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NYCC | Bryan Hitch confirms Man of Steel tie-in does exist

Ahead of DC Comics’ Superman panel this afternoon at New York Comic Con, Bryan Hitch has confirmed the existence of Man of Steel, the rumored movie tie-in written by Scott Snyder, and explained why he isn’t involved. It’s thought that Jim Lee will pencil the new series, expected to launch in 2013.

Responding to questions generated earlier this week by a Rob Liefeld tweet and subsequent Bleeding Cool post, Hitch took to Twitter early this morning to clear up the status of his work on Marvel’s Ultron War and rumblings about a relaunched Superman/Batman series with Brad Meltzer as well as the new Superman title.

“There’s a lot of misinformed stuff out there judging by the mails and tweets I’ve had these last two days do let me clarify a bit,” the artist wrote. “Ultron whatever it’s called is long since finished, last year really. I WAS offered a potential Supes/Bats book but Brad didn’t have time. So Supes-Bars [sic] never got beyond a ‘wouldn’t it be nice if?’ stage. Later Jim and Dan [DiDio] suggested Man of Steel with Scott Snyder which would have been great as we adore each other but I’m committed to other projects so that didn’t happen. I have several projects on the go, all creator owned and that’s where I’ll be for the foreseeable future. The new stuff is pretty cool though and you’ll hear about it when the year turns.”

Rumors of a possible Superman comic teaming Snyder with Lee arose in late August at Fan Expo Canada, and followed the publisher to Baltimore Comic-Con, where executives were said to have sidestepped questions. But in a subsequent Q&A, DC’s Senior Vice President of Sales Bob Wayne teased that “it is reasonable to assume that given the release of Man of Steel next summer, we will come up with a publishing program that will both augment and take advantage of that opportunity.” Vice President of Marketing John Cunningham added, “I think that [a Scott Snyder Superman series] would be great. I’d read that.”

It’s likely DC will make an official announcement later today. Check back with Comic Book Resources for coverage of the Superman panel report and more from New York Comic Con.



I hope that if this Man of Steel book happens it is in the DC continunity rather than in the movie one.

Yeah… I feel like it would kind of be a waste to do a movie tie in series… Those never seem to go over that well.

Dave Robinson (@dcrwrites)

October 11, 2012 at 8:50 am

All it tells me is that DC was planning a MoS book – they may still be, or they may not.

Think Avengers Assemble, guys. Though hopefully better.

@JA5T – but they’ve never really tried doing a dedicated series set in one of the film continuities. Only Marvel did a handful of tie-ins for the Avengers and Iron Man 2, but that’s about it.

I don’t think it’ll be a movie tie in series. Why waste the talent of arguably their best writer and artist that doesn’t even add to mainstream continuity. I mean there is a Batman Dark Knight title that isn’t at all related to the movie.

I’m hoping for another ongoing. Superman needs a new book every week, four monthlies, like it was from 1960-2006. I’d be down for a biweekly thing to or like what they did with the thrice monthly Brand New Day. That’s how it was with the triangles in the 1990s.

I just wanna know what’s going on with Ultron whatever …

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