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Quote of the Day | Brian K. Vaughan on Saga’s long future

“My hope is that this will be the longest, best series I’ve ever been a part of, so my new goal is to go exactly one issue longer than wherever The Walking Dead ends. I know Kirkman already has a hundred-issue head start, but I’m confident I can outlive the bastard, especially with his hard-partying Hollywood lifestyle.”

Saga writer Brian K. Vaughan, discussing his acclaimed collaboration with Fiona Staples in an interview in which he also teases a planned re-teaming with Doctor Strange: The Oath artist Marcos Martin



All kinds of awesome is this man.

Kirkman seems content to let his series run on forever with no real goal in site.
I really hope that’s not the case with Saga. I don’t want to get bored with it before it reaches a conclusion like I did with Walking Dead, Invincible, and Fables.

Sadly, I don’t see the allure of this comic. I have it on my pull list and it’s usually the last comic I read. Not because of a heightened sense of anticipation but more because everyone is in love with this comic and I am trying to see what the fuss is. I will give it another couple oif issues but had better start getting interesting in a hurry.

That’s a noble goal, but the man is simply not a closer. He starts with great ideas but just doesn’t know how to land the damn plane. He’s like Morrison, without the daring. Still don’t get the appeal of this book, and the only ending of his that I enjoyed was Logan. Everything else (Y, Runaways, Ex Machina) felt like he just lost interest but wanted to honor his contract. No coffee for him; coffee’s for closers.


October 10, 2012 at 3:23 pm

That might only work if Fiona Staples finishes it with him…or someone with a similar style. I think the art is doing a lot of the heavy lifting here.

Either way best of luck!

Hey, who was writing for TV first, BKV or Kirkman? Those weeks working with Lost no doubt will take their toll later.

Vaughan closed his Runaways run well. People usually like his comics because, among other things- the characters, the way he frames his plots, and non-regurgitated fantasy.

I don’t care for Saga. But I like the fact that Vaughan has fresh ideas, and uses his own characters instead of Jack Kirby’s.

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