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Quote of the Day | Matt Hawkins on surviving in a changing industry

“Here’s the thing that I think everyone needs to realize, the medium and the ways of distribution for putting out these stories will always change, whether it’s an iPad or your television, whatever version it is. But if you can tell cool stories about compelling characters with good art and design [you’ll survive]. People have been drawing comic book stick figures on caves for tens of thousands of years. People like this kind of story. There’s going to be storytelling in some form forever because people like to be entertained. If you can tell and build great characters and stories and tug at the heart strings and hit emotional highs and lows that will effect people with the storytelling, I think you’re going to survive and shift in medium as long as you don’t do anything catastrophic.”

– Top Cow President Matt Hawkins, on the challenges facing a changing comics industry



See, these are the types of quotes I like to see – they’re realistic and optimistic. Yes, things will change, but we will change with them. Why can’t all quotes of the day be like this?

Seriosly, fuck guys like Alan Moore and Greg Rucka, who usually have some kind of ill-or-uninformed straw-man argument they beat over our heads about how right they are, how dumb the BIg 2 are and shit (I’ve dissected their quotes-of-the-day before, they make a lot of assumptions they have no basis for and say mean shit about fellow pros just to spite said people who’ve done NOTHING to them).

You and Jason Aaron should grow thicker skin.

Jason Aaron had a great point, and he has the high quality material to back it up, both indie and “sell-out” comics that are brilliant; he doesn’t do work for Marvel because he needs to pay bills, he does it because he understands the relationship between creators and the companies they work for and knowing that, decides it’s worth his time to still work for them because working on books like the X-Men is still the greatest job in the world. Plus he has confidence in his corporate material, and he should because he’s produced some especially brilliant stuff on Wolverine and the X-Men, batter than anything Alan or Greg have produced in the past 15 years).

I’d like more quotes from him, since he knows his shit, produces great shit, and doesn’t take shit from people who only say the insulting shit they do because they can’t face the fact that they peaked a while ago. I respect the material they’ve produced (some really great comics that have helped influence the industry in a good way), but I can’t respect people who diss fellow pros they know nothing about, who think they have the right to judge them. Fuck them, I don’t condone douchebag behavior like that and I can’t understand why anyone else would either.

What did Jason Aaron say?

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