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Quote of the Day | ‘We need both kinds of music, country AND western’

“The only kind of writing that should dominate comics is ‘good writing.’ Or maybe ‘great writing,’ if we can manage it. As a reader, as a moviegoer and TV viewer and music listener and food eater, I like more than one thing. I love pizza, but don’t want it for every meal. I think that Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated is the best show on television, but I’m glad it’s not the ONLY show on television. And while Ernest Scared Stupid is probably the only movie anyone ever really needs to see, it’s nice that they have a choice. In other words, we need both kinds of music, country AND western.”

– writer Chris Roberson, in a wide-ranging interview with Paul Tobin, responding to the question, “If you could make any one genre of writing dominant in comics, what would it be?”



Ya know, for a guy that hasn’t done a hell of a lot in comics he really likes telling the industry how it should be.

He’s starting to sound like Erik Larsen.

he makes sense – we need multiple genres. Yes, Big 2 superheroes shouldn’t be the only genre, but the indie-zombie response of “Death to the Big 2!” would be just as bad and unnecessary for the industry.

isnt there every kind of comic already being made? In any genre, except romance, perhaps?

Not to mention every well known comic from the 1930-2012 is available with a few mouse clicks

Well, you know, he was answering a question w/ this quote.
It’s not like he could say: “Sorry I don’t want to answer that for fear people will feel I am trying to dictate to the industry from relatively small precipice.”
I mean, he could, but that would make for a shitty interview, “I enjoy drinking water and standing on my feet.”

Folks have noticed that he answering a question in an interview, right? Chris wasn’t just saying this in some empty space in the middle of nowhere. And instead of singling out any one genre, as the interviewer was tryng to get him to do, or even saying that there is a lack of representation of any one kind, he instead chose to embrace everything? I don’t understand these reactions at all.

I didn’t say I disagree with him. It’s just there are some who talk about it and there are some who do things about it like Kirkman.

So starting his own comic publishing house and using it to showcase his writing and the writing of others isn’t doing enough about it? What about being the ONLY publisher to fully embrace the potential of digital comics? I’d say he is all about putting his money where his mouth is and so far he’s done plenty to earn the right to comment.

That’s such a cop-out answer!

Claiming that Roberson is complaining and not doing anything just smacks of utter ignorance. If you can’t be bothered to know who you’re talking about then just go away.

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