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Second Beasts of Burden miniseries in the works

The dogs and cat of Burden Hill return to duty next year in a new miniseries by creators Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson. Unofficially announced during a panel at last week’s New York Comic Con, Dorkin gave a few details on it on his blog.

“Although we didn’t make a formal announcement, during the Dark Horse Comics horror panel we mentioned that Jill Thompson and I are working on a second Beasts of Burden mini-series,” Dorkin said on his blog. “It’ll be four issues, two of which I’ve written (one of which I co-wrote with Sarah). When we’re finally done with it all the second series will cap a second hardcover collection, along with the Hellboy crossover and the Neighborhood Watch stories from Dark Horse Presents. As far as a schedule for the new series, I guess ‘sometime in 2013′ is about all I can cough up. Anyway, at least it’s underway, finally, and I’m glad we can start talking about it. Although I guess that’s all there is to say right now.”

The Eisner-winning comic from Dark Horse stars a group of dogs and cats that investigates supernatural events in their town. Beasts of Burden began as a recurring feature in the Dark Horse Book of… anthologies before graduating into its own miniseries. All of those stories can be found in Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites collection. More recently they appeared in Dark Horse Presents, with those stories being collected into the one-shot Neighborhood Watch.



Excellent news!


Davey Boy Smith

October 22, 2012 at 3:52 am

Every BoB-tale is a work of art. It’s amazing how Dorkin and Thompson are able to create stories that are as creepy and slightly disturbing as they are cute and touching. Because of their all ages-appeal and excellence they hold a special place in my fanboy heart, much like Langridge’s and Samnee’s Thor: The Mighty Avenger.


Looking forward to it when the mini comes out since I already have the Hellboy cross over and the DHP stories.

Great news! I LOVE this book!

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