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Smiths-lovers of the world, unite and take notice of Tales of the Smiths

Comics fans are known to be an intense lot, but there’s not the only ones. And when two fandoms overlap, it gets some interesting results. Last year, we saw not one but two volumes of an anthology taking songs by the 1980s U.K. band The Smiths and turning them into comics. And now, we find something else crossing The Smiths with comics.

Greek artist Con Chrisoulis has been doing a webcomic called Tales of the Smiths, which pulls excerpts from interviews and illustrates them, digging into the inspirations and motivations behind the four men who made up The Smiths. Appearing on the Greek comics site SoComic, Chrisoulis produced both a Greek- and English-language version of each strip. So far he’s created 25 installments, with no sign of stopping anytime soon. Here’s the most recent one to give you a taste:



That is seriously awesome!

Great band, good music.

Thanks for the great article, Robot 6
(and the kind words from Natasha and Irish_Warrior)!

Anyone interested in my TALES OF THE SMITHS and my other current comic book projects
please follow my updates from my facebook artist page:

Hello Robot 6, thank you so much for sharing and for the great article. “Tales of The Smiths” is one of the greatest webcomics and we feel honored to have it in our blog.
Greetings from SoComic :)

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