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Stephanie Brown fights crime, boredom in Batgirl: Spoiled premiere

We’ve teased Batgirl: Spoiled, the fan-produced webseries, on Robot 6 and Comic Book Resources since early August — and now, two months later, the first episode has at last debuted online.

Created by Sax Carr and Marisha Ray (who also plays Batgirl), the series follows Stephanie Brown as she fights crime and tries to determine whether this life of “adrenaline and danger, duty and honor” is one she really wants. As the earlier trailer teased, Batgirl: Spoiled features a large supporting cast that includes such DC Comics characters as Commissioner Gordon, Batwoman, Poison Ivy, The Riddler, The Penguin and Oracle (those last two appear in the first episode, “Blindside,” along with a third whom I won’t spoil here).

The second episode will be released in about 30 days; the producers are hoping to find a convention to play host to its premiere.



Love Stephanie! This is very good work indeed! Hope they find some success with it..

i hope they find success because when they do Warner lawyers will come calling…

maybe they will understand that isn’t there property to make films about to make money

@Reason what “money” are they making, and why would Warner Bros be interested in going after this vs. Every other fan film, fan art and fan fiction project in the world?

They’re not making money. And this is hardly the first fan film or fan series. Hell, Star Trek has had a couple of non-profit fan productions that got the actual stars of the shows involved.

wow that was horrible

i just wonder if a creator owned property were used like this …. fandom would hate it and get behind the creator to stop their property and images of their property used in a way they dont want..

however it seems because it it owned by a corporation or larger company this sort of project get a fgree pass from the fans even though it is pretty much illegal.

and a convention to play host … pretty much giving the process servers an easy way to find the people that made to video to give them a cease and decist.

sobad, so very very bad, the acting was horrible

Uh, reason… There is a little creator owned property called ‘Star Wars’, you may have heard of it. Every year there are a couple of fan-made, not for profit films made that the creator, a man named George, judges in a contest and awards the best with a prize. Just sayin’.

That was pretty fun. The dialogue was a little stiff, but we did kind of drop into the middle of a presumably on-going series of events.

At some point, during the dialogue with the thugs, I couldn’t tell if they were good actors playing bad/illiterate characters, or if they were bad actors working their way through an okay premise of a somehow more-sophisticated-than-usual character… which was quite problematic. Nice martial arts coordination though, that stuff definitely isn’t easy.

I think, in the case of corporate comics, fan art/films/etc get a free pass because of how cemented in society the corporations have made the properties. What we’re seeing are the creations of the roughly 30-somethings who were part of the 80s experiment of growing up on heavily merchandised junk.

DC and Marvel are both parasites of creations nearly 60 years old. How many people, when they spend a billion dollars on a two hour growlfest of Dark Knight Rises, think of Bob Kane? I would say less than .5% of the audience. Instead they’ve become obsessed with fictional characters who aren’t even remotely consistent or even vital to a cohesive story. They change with every issue and have been used by hundreds of writers. I would even say Marvel and DC are just official fan-art.

Lucas, on the other hand, embraced it because he knows the fans are what keeps Star Wars alive. And all he really had to do to gain that was direct one movie and get two other directors for the more popular two. Just three movies. All the extended Universe that has grown him profit, he didn’t even write. He’s been the most successful person who has done the absolute least – why would he stop other people from doing the work for him? People are doing original fan crap for him left and right, all he has to do is rubber stamp it and reap the profits.

The real problem is our culture obsessing over fictional characters instead of enjoying a larger story. Stories today are crap because they are overloaded with characters for every demographic, so the overall story is moot. And people are like “oh characters are so well written” blah, they are all amalgams of everything done, nothing unique.

And to top it off, its ridiculous to think how much junk people are buying for high prices, then complaining about the economy, when all the junk theyve bought are outsourced – even comics today are drawn and colored outside America.

All Hail Disney and Warner Bros!

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