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The Walking Dead: The Musical (Come on, it’s bound to happen)

Given the relative ubiquity of The Walking Dead, which has moved from acclaimed comic series to hit television drama, collectible toys, prose novels, a magazine, board games and a video game, it’s probably only a matter of time before the property hits the stage. Make it happen, Robert Kirkman; we hear Julie Taymor is available.

(via Vulture)



I can see it as the Walking Dead Holiday Spectacular. We bring back Shane, Dale, John who was bitten in season one, Amy. And the big finnish is Morgan and Duane.

Already done. It´s called Song of the Dead (

Be careful what you wish for; if Julie Taymor is involved the Walking Dead: The Musical might wind up being about vampires. They’re dead and they can walk; just like Arachne from ancient Greek myth and Spider-Man both have spiders in them.

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