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This Joker pumpkin is simply … smashing

Here’s a Halloween treat: Feast your eyes on this amazing pumpkin sculpture of The Joker by ace pumpkin carver Andy Bergholtz. It took him eight hours to do, and Yahoo has a short video of the creation process (below). DC Comics commissioned the pumpkin as part of its Super-Villains Month, which also included an invitation for fans to vote for the ultimate super-villain team; The Joker was the runaway winner.



appropriate for halloween plus the joker just screams creepy even as a pumkin creepy and scary .

That is not a Joker pumpkin so much as a Gary Busey pumpkin – and a horrifying one at that.

The guy’s got crazy skills.

They could have gone one step further and commissioned the guy to sculpt the new Joker face from the “Death of the Family” arc. Now THAT, would be perfect for Halloween.

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