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Those high-school years were just as awkward for supervillains

Comic books have long cast a spotlight on the school lives, and all the associated trials and tribulations, of superheroes, from Spider-Man and the X-Men to Blue Beetle and Amethyst. But what about the supervillains? Judging from the series of yearbook portraits by Francesca J. Hause, they haven’t had it any easier than the heroes.

It turns out Green Gobin was a stoner (no surprise there), Bane was no stranger to wedgies, and Loki was an orthodontic headgear-wearing D&D player. Venom seemed to do OK, though. Check out those, plus a fashion-victim Two-Face, below.

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Hey? Where’s Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and other villainesses?
You know Harley was probably a cheerleader while Harley was the cute nerd girl.

Major points for the Green Goblin. “Hey, this pumpkin bomb would make an excellent pumpkin BONG…!” :-)

Thanks for the feature! One thing though, the art is actually by my husband; J Hause! I was just the one sending it about, I didn’t mean to steal his kudos! :)

@Nicole: Never fear, there’s a Joker and Harley piece in the works, he just couldn’t get it ready in time for Austin Comic Con this weekend.

Harley and Joker? The mind boggles at what that will end up like.

20 points for the Manowar shirt!

have to admit venom looks good in a tux in a sort of creepy way. plus also like the green goblin one. the harley quin and joker one curious to see harley and almost afraid to see how well the joker one could be

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