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Vasilis Lolos reveals final covers for unfinished Pirates of Coney Island

I was a big fan of The Pirates of Coney Island, the riotous and (alas) never-finished 2006-2007 Image Comics miniseries by Rick Spears and Vasilis Lolos about young love, car-jacking and gang violence on the sun-drenched boardwalk. It was fun and frenetic, with a fascinating use of color by Lolos (I wrote about the latter in 2006; unfortunately the accompanying images evaporated into the ether).

But following the release of Issue 6, The Pirates of Coney Island disappeared because, as Lolos recently explained to Robot 6’s Chris Arrant, “I was literally not making any money off the issues and my obligations to support my mother were getting bigger and bigger.” As the artist indicated in the interview, he drew the covers for the final two issues in 2010 (or 2011, judging by the signature), and yesterday, he finally revealed them on his blog. It seems unlikely Spears and Lolos will ever reunite to complete the miniseries, but the covers are a bittersweet reminder of what could’ve been.

Now I just need to find what I did with those six issues and reacquaint myself with Patch & Co. …



Those are pretty great. It’s a shame it will never finish. He does however continue to work on creator-owned books, so I don’t get why Pirates is different. Either way, maybe they’ll figure out the rights issues and get a sub to finish out the series.

I always wondered what happened to that series. I was really digging it. Thanks for posting this.

Aww, I love those. I wish this series could at least have been given the chance to wrap up loose ends.

Lolos said in the interview that Spears had hired another artist to finish the series, maybe Robot 6 could contact Spears to corroborate that since this is their second article mentioning the series.

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