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Watch Jimmy Kimmel pitch Joe Quesada new heroes and villains

As promised, Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada appeared last night on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he promoted Marvel NOW! to a national audience — “We’re not rebooting our universe, but if you’re a fan of the movies, or if you’re a lapsed comic-book fan, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to come in and start on the Marvel Universe” — while the talk-show host played the role of the nervous creator hoping to sell the House of Ideas on his own characters.

But these weren’t just any characters; these were the heroes and villains that sprang from the mind of a 6- or 7-year-old Jimmy. Or so we’re told. There’s the Terrific Ten — “There’s 10 of them, and they’re terrific” — led by Muscleman, the King of Superheroes (complete with crown), and featuring Colored Kid, who has all the powers of a rainbow, Lucky Lad, who’s kind of like a leprechaun. Of course, the heroes need villains equal to their … terrific-ness. Enter, the Terrible Ten, which includes Evil Eye, Doctor Bolt and Bleach Master (with his Clor-Ax).

Surprisingly, neither team was exactly what Quesada had in mind for Marvel NOW!, so he makes Kimmel a pitch of his own. (By the way, who knew Quesada was so stingy with his comics?) Watch the full video below.



I’d buy the Terrific Ten!! Marvel make this comic!! ;)

This was way funnier when Conan did the same bit with DC and Warner Bros last year.

So let me get this straight: the story didn’t matter, as long as it looked good?

That’s why I like Kimmel. He’s got a great sense of humor. Conan is just as funny, but Quesada makes Marvel more accessible than anyone at DC.

How is this accessible? It makes comic books out to look totally asinine.

And a dick joke? Really?

What non comic book reader would want to read Marvel Now! after watching this?

#*@^%$*@&%$ international viewers and fans receives a giant “f@ck you” as usual.

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