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13-year-old Walking Dead fan creates Daryl Dixon animated short

Like many of us, 13-year-old Nick Mastrangelo is a fan of Daryl Dixon, the crossbow-shooting, motorcycle-riding loner from AMC’s The Walking Dead. But while the rest of us are content to watch Merle’s younger brother kill walkers, and the occasional owl and possum, once a week, aspiring animator Nick created his own Daryl Dixon adventure. The result is bloody, manic and undeniably awesome (Robert Kirkman calls it “the coolest thing I’ve seen all day”). If The Walking Dead can spin off a weekly talk show, then I see no reason why it can’t spawn a series of animated shorts (by Nick Mastrangelo, naturally). Get on it, AMC.



Wow…slow news day, huh?

I worry about the future of our society when I see something like this made by someone so young.

When I was his age, I was drawing my own stories, but they were of Superman, Batman, or Captain America fighting villains of my own creation. Not wanton bloodshed and carnage.

Oh, get off your high horse, dude.

Kudos to the kid for his creativity.

Hah. When I was a kid I was doing horribly violent and silly stuff like this too. I had no idea about story and character but here’s the thing. I was a kid!

Sure this is awful, but its also great and I give this kid all the credit in the world for having the enthusiasm and focus to create something like this. I hope he gets nothing but encouragement and sticks with it and gets better and doesn’t let snobs like Magnus crush his spirit.

Looks like he had alot of help with this. Pretty violent. And people are worried about booty shots on t.v but this is okay huh? Well atleast he’s drawing hope he keeps that up.

Schnitzey Pretzelpants

November 20, 2012 at 7:13 pm

There’s only one appropriate response to this talented 13 year old’s work: Kirkman et al should sue his sorry 13 year old behind so severely that he thinks twice about being so creative ever again.

Just in case Magnus in his grumpy old man-competing with a 13 year old routine hasn’t already done the trick.

Screw the whole lot of you. There’s something wrong with our society when we think it’s “cool” or “creative” that a kid this age is so desensitized to violence that he revels in it, no matter the venue.

I guess you’ll only care if he becomes a sociopath and starts shooting “zombies” in the head with arrows?

When I was 12 we were given a creative writing assignment to write a Christmas story. I wrote a story where elves accused Santa of running an elf sweat shop and got Christmas cancelled, but it turned out the elves were really goblins in disguise. Santa, of course, had to rescue Christmas by breaking back into the North Pole workshop and defeat the goblin king in a sword fight that ended with Santa decapitating said Goblin King. This was 1989. I have never committed a violent crime against another person or done worse than gotten into a handful of fights as a kid where you spend more time calling each other derogatory names than actually hitting. I can barely bring myself to kill spiders when I find them in my house.

So for his age this kind of power fantasy story is normal and the violence would be acceptable because they ARE zombies in the story. The way the zombies are presented, it would be no different if he were shooting robots. They are portrayed as completely non-human monsters. If the kid had Darryl Dixon mowing through another group of survivors to get the Legendary Crossbow or killing an ally that got turned in the course of the video, then maybe his parents would have something to worry about. As it stands a 13 year old made a cartoon about a tough guy killing monsters.

This rules. Best part is when animated Daryl stabs his sword through a zombie’s chest and then shoots it in the head repeatedly at close range, followed by the part where he kills a squirrel and then digs through its insides and finds a map. Observation: animated Daryl is a way worse shot than anyone on the show. So, in a sense, this is more realistic.

Magnus was never a 13 year-old boy. Kids at that age draw/write violent stuff all the time. Gore and sex are a very normal outlet. I remember my friend and I creating our own comics when we were in the early years of high school and creating very gory and sexualized stuff. We found it funny. I didn’t turn out to be a psychopath. I assume he didn’t either.

The people who are giving this kid guff for his animation being too violent have obviously lost that part of them that made being a kid fun. I used to play “cops and robbers” with my friends when I was a wee lad, and we’d “shoot” at each other all the time, sometimes “killing” each other. And don’t get me started on how we’d make our GI Joes interact with each other.

I don’t think he’s desensitized to violence, I think he recognizes the fictional zombie apocalypse for the inherent dangers that would come with it, and just wanted to show a badass dude kill some zombies. I’d be more worried about the kid if he wasn’t expressing himself at all, and just sitting in his room playing video games all day.

This might not be the cool thing to say, but it is a bit sad that kids are so desensitized to gore. In my days, a 13 year old kid making animations of squirrels being killed and mutilated would be a sign of something not entirely okay, but I’m sure my parent’s generation was even less exposed to violence in the media than I was.

So it might be a natural thing nowadays, but it still is sad and disturbing, no matter how many people try to trivialize it.

Magnus should eat a bag of dicks; kids will be kids and this is nothing new. Betcha healso wants to ban gta, Marilyn Manson, and have prayer in school. Go watch Bill O’Reilly and jerk it to his medievil propaganda you freakin’ tampon.

Just finished watching this with my two sons.. We enjoy watching the walking dead and enjoyed this short. The boys thought it was cool.

Why is a 13-year old kid even ALLOWED to watch The Walking Dead?!? WTF. Great parenting right there…

So have several people in this thread just forgotten being 13? By 13 boys have seen pretty much every horror movie ever produced.

I tend to agree with Magnus on this. I would never have been allowed to watch something as gory as the Walking Dead and I wouldn’t have been emotionally prepared for its intensity at that age. Kids are exposed to so much gore these days. I don;t know how that affects them but what is the parents role in this? And then to see how aggressive people are when they have a different opinion is something else.
We used to draw a lot of outrageous stuff at 13 but we were not praised for it.

That’s because there’s a difference between notebook doodles and animation.

For those complaining about his supposed lack of parental guidance, read the youtube description. Also, the description makes him sound pretty normal; it sounds like this video was more a way for him to stretch as an artist and try working in a different genre than he usually does.

While the animation and the art is nothing special. I could draw much better than this at that age (coloring is a diff story) the fact that this kid can create a cohesive short animation using flash is terrific. This kid is going to have a great career in animation should he choose to pursue it

Jesus who would of thought a guy named Magnus would be so whiny!

Screw the whole lot of you. There’s something wrong with our society when we think it’s “cool” or “creative” that a kid this age is so desensitized to violence that he revels in it, no matter the venue.

I guess you’ll only care if he becomes a sociopath and starts shooting “zombies” in the head with arrows?


Quoted because I agree with every single thing you said.

While these kinds of violent thoughts are indeed normal and common in most 13 year old boys, I don’t think that people should be praising a 13 year old kid for creating a bloody and gory animated short.

Allowed to watch it or not, this stuff isn’t new or corrupting to a child. Especially of they are told of the consequences involved in this sort of violence. Plus this kid is a teenager. You never saw a violent scary movie by 13? And I’m willing to bet that movie was less responsible and glorified the villain more than this show does. Plus this flash video seems more video game based in how it works. I played games like Contra and mortal kombat when I was younger than him, as did almost everyone I knew. Covers both the gore and random shooting of enemies. Most have played GTA. I think many of you are forgetting how old 13 really is. They are about to be in high school, and over 2/3 of the way to being a fully classified adult. You have no idea of this kids maturity level or his level of supervision, and seeing as he has the focus to create something like this that even one of the shows creators said was the coolest things he’d seen all day, I’m betting he is probably father ahead in both than we were at the same time. Personally I find hypocrisy and judgement of a situation you have minimal information on more offensive than anything I saw in this video

Concern troll is concerned. Stop feeding him.

I thought it was great. Fun as hell and, yeah, the kind of stuff my friends and I would draw in our notebooks in school, at a much younger age than 13.

The kid’s quite clearly got some real talent; he should keep at it. And Adult Swim should keep his name in mind for future reference.

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