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Art for Sandy Relief adds a whole slew of new auctions

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Earlier this week I spoke with Rich Ginter and Jim Viscardi about Art for Sandy Relief, an effort to raise money for the Steven Siller Tunnels to Towers Hurricane Relief effort. Rich and Jim, as well as a whole lot of generous artists and fans, have been busy since Sunday, and they’ve kicked off a whole bunch of new art auctions. Here’s a rundown of what you can bid on; you can also browse them on eBay if you’d like:

They are also auctioning off a portfolio review by Bon Alimagno, former talent coordinator for Marvel. And if you’d just like to donate directly, they’ve set up a PayPal link.



Chris Matthews: “I’m So Glad We Had That Storm Last Week”

I’m not.

I know the president or MSNBC doesn’t care about the people in the hurricane. OR those of us who are unemployed and will apparently be that way for quite a while. But It’s nice to know the comic world does.

That is so awesome, we still have no power, all my food is bad… had to send my kids to friends house. I’m handicapped and fighting to get stronger. My neighbors are worse off, we are in greenwood lake and the red cross told me to drive to rockland county…. I cant drive right now. I have a handful of vintage heavy metal and vertgo to sell to help restock my fridge. And some neighbors too. I also make funky wearables! BEST OF LIFE HOPE ALL ARE SAFE AND TAKE CARE OF OTHERS

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