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Comics A.M. | Police recover $19,000 in stolen comics


Crime | Police in Jackson, Mississippi, have recovered a comic-book collection valued at $19,000, and arrested two suspects in the burglary. [WJTV]

Legal | Gerry Giovinco questions why Marvel and DC Comics zealously defend their intellectual property rights, going so far as to sue a birthday party company that rented out lookalike costumes, but don’t even touch the many porn parodies of their comics that have sprung up in recent years. [CO2 Comics]

Comics | A Florida mother was upset to discover Chick tracts among her children’s trick-or-treat haul, saying the comics are racist and offensive. It’s the second time in as many weeks that the long-controversial evangelical comics have been publicly called out by a displeased parent. [KTNV]


Digital comics | Graphicly founder and CEO Micah Baldwin discusses the history of his company, and the decision to expand outside of comics: “Our belief was that comic books were a great way to tell a story, very visual, very distinct. We realized that we thought it was a great way to get started. We had always planned to expand past comics, but last year we figured out that we were artificially limiting ourselves by only doing comic books. Stories are told in many different ways, YouTube videos, Instagram photos or a great novel. For us to sit in one genre, it really created a world where we weren’t reaching our vision in getting great stories seen.” [TechCrunch]

Creators | Writer Denise Mina talks about adapting Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo into a graphic novel, and how she saw more depth in the story as she worked: “When you actually sit down with it, it’s got loads of stuff in there about corporate responsibility and loads of stuff about Gothic Sweden vs. modern urban Sweden.” [USA Today]

Creators | Writer Dan Abnett and artist Neil Roberts discuss Macragge’s Honour, their graphic novel adaptation of the Horus Heresy, the backstory of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Abnett has written several Horus Heresy novels already. [SFX]

Creators | Collaborators Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan and Tony Moore discuss their work on Marvel’s new Deadpool series. “In the Deadpool world, you can kinda do anything you want,” Posehn said. “Not that it’s grounded — we have all the dead presidents coming, so I can’t really use that word — but action and good stories were the most important things to us.” [USA Today]



My son’s 4th bday just passed and a friends mother knit a really cool, very folksy in the best sense of the word, Batman, with removable knit belt and cape. I was about to say, “You could make a killing doing these..” when I had an image of a faceless lawyer sending a cease and desist. Anyway, the point made above is an apt one, why do these companies go for the smaller infringes whole ignoring the porn parodies. I guess Porn producers already have lawyers on retainer, mom and pop do not.

Because parody is covered under fair use, Gerry.

Graphicly needs to drop iFanboy, because that is some deadweight right there.

So Marvel can publish an issue of a Superman parody, titled “Superman: The Parody”, with Superman on the cover, and there’s not a thing that DC can do about it?

Michael P., parody is covered under fair use. Congratulations! Trademark, however is not copyright and a parody of a trademark is a very slippery slope to climb. My argument is, if Ben and Jerry’s can defend their trademark from the Porn industry, why cant Marvel and DC?

Ben & Jerry’s Wins Recall Of ‘Ben & Cherry’s’ Porn DVDs:

article says Ben and Jerry’s is owned by London based Unilever. could be they used British law rather than American law, which I believe is a lot stricter

Marvel did have a What Th– issue showing Superman vs. the Fantastic Four on the cover, actually…

They don’t go after it cuz secretly they really dig that stuff

It’s interesting that these moms are making the news for being upset about Chick Tracts, as though they’re a new phenomenon. I hope the Tract distributors passed them out with candy, as Chick recommends. On his site, Chick has a list of Tracts intended for kids, but 1976’s “Happy Hour” and the retired “Sky Lighter” and “Is There Another Christ?” (the Tracts cited as inflaming these moms) are not on this list. It’s odd that the latter two tracts were passed out on Halloween, as they are no longer in print. The mom can make money selling them on eBay or something.

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