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DC is calling its new Vibe title Justice League of America’s Vibe

As DC Comics begins to parcel out its February solicitations, we learn the Vibe solo title announced last week will be called Justice League of America’s Vibe, which may be as much about trademark as it is about marketing the series’ connection to the far more recognizable team franchise. The new Katana solo title is called simply Katana.

Even with “Justice League of America” in its title, the Vibe series is destined for a difficult time in an unforgiving marketplace. DC acknowledges as much in the solicitation text, which begins with, “No, that’s not a typo,” and refers to Vibe as “THE most unlikely” member of the JLA. But with Geoff Johns as co-writer (with Arrow co-creator Andrew Kreisberg), Pete Woods on art, and fan favorite David Finch providing not one but two covers, the book may have a fighting chance.

Long one of the jokes of the DC Universe, the Puerto Rican break-dancer Vibe (aka Paco Ramone) was introduced in 1984 by Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton as one of the members of Aquaman’s Detroit Justice League. While there have been attempts to redeem the sonic vibration-manipulating hero in recent years, he’s probably fared better in animated form on Justice League Unlimited and Cartoon Network’s DC Nation programming block.

Justice League of America’s Vibe #1 arrives Feb. 20.



If you have to call it that, he probably doesn’t need his own title. But, I’ll give it a shot anyway.

“which may be as much about trademark ”

I’d be shocked if it wasn’t. I can see Vibe magazine kicking a fit and sending a cease-and-desist otherwise, and rightfully so.

I’d rather have seen a series like JSA Classified spotlighting a different member of the team with each arc.

VIBE gets his own book? VIBE??

No Wally West, no Donna Troy, but we’re gonna push VIBE as a solo title character?

Captain Atom and Resurrection Man get canceled, but VIBE gets a shot?

Thank you, DCnU, for pushing me another step towards reading fewer new comics.

This show you how incompetent DC is right now.

You don’t give a relative C lister a new ongoing. Retailers will not order it

You build him up! You make him awesome in a team book. ANd then when fans want more, you give him a solo.

But where’s his armor…?

When did Vibe come back to life? Or was his death undone by the DC reboot?

I agree, They really should’ve waited until they saw how he was received by readers of JLA first


Prediction: In six months, Vibe will leave, declaring, “My home planet needs me.” After a weirdly drawn segment by Rob Liefeld, we’re informed that Vibe died on his way back to his planet.

Also, they never got to the fireworks factory.

Somewhere Rictor is pissed off but then realizes that Vibe was created first but outed later.

“All Will Be Well!”
“Beware Our Power!”




Politics and pandering. No one is going to buy this simply because they have a gay character in title with JLA. He doesn’t even belong in the JLA. Let him stay with the Teen Titans. If there is some worthwhile gay character to put in the JLA fine. But this is just pandering. It seems almost insulting that they have to some how shop around to find someone like Vibe to use to appeal to minorities. If the character is good enough he will be included regardless of his minority status.

I believe you’re confusing Vibe with Bunker, Jake.

I defintely think they should have built Vibe up before giving him an ongoing. Either a National Comics appearance, or a mini series in DC Presents would have worked. Featuring Katana in Birds of Prey for a year really built up her profile and developed her into an interesting character who deserved greater attention. Why couldn’t DC think to repeat that process?

I agree with Green Lantern, why not introduce Wally West or Donna Troy? They were actually popular and have fanbases.

Unless the Vibe ongoing is revelatory it should be cancelled within the year, unless of course Johns has decided he’ll be his new pet character.

Well when all’s said and done–I have to applaud what Geoff is trying to do here, regardless of Vibe’s less than stellar DC history.
I was never comfortable with him as a Justice Leaguer, let alone as a well thought out/well meaning/well written character of color, so I certainly didn’t miss his demise, and had washed him out of my system when I left the book, and comics in general.
But when the call to bring him to animation as a humorous romp came, I admit the possibility of playing him totally for humor inspired me to give him the thing he was never able to do in comics–to simply be entertaining.
I believe we succeeded with that DC short–and I’ve heard thru the grapevine that our effort inspired Geoff Jones to give Vibe a 2nd chance to “get it right” and just have fun.
Maybe Geoff wi’ll fail, maybe he’ll barely bring the character up a step above where he once was, but so far, I like that after 20 something years, we ARE seeing a dedicated rebirth and not an apologetic mean spirited dismissal that could actually be both exciting, challenging and above all entertaining.
I can’t say that for the rest of the 52 line.

After all isn’t that why we read comics, to be entertained?

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