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DC’s monthly comics come to Kindle, iTunes and Nook

DC Comics is expanding its digital reach by making its full line of periodicals available for download from Amazon’s Kindle Store, Apple’s iBookstore and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Store.

With the move, which begins today, DC becomes the only comics publisher to offer its line of titles across all major e-bookstore platforms. The company previously had sold digital editions of its monthly comics exclusively through comiXology.

“We were the first to offer our entire comic book line same-day digital and now we are the first to offer fans the convenience of multiple download options,” Co-Publisher Jim Lee said in a statement.

The prices on the three platforms are, as you might expect, the same as on comiXology or for the print editions: $2.99 for standard-size monthlies, and $3.99 for those with backup stories.

“As e-readers and tablets continue to explode in popularity it’s important for us to offer consumers convenience and choice in how they download digital comics and graphic novels and these new distribution deals with the top three e-bookstores do just that,” Lee said. “We’re very excited to work with Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble to bring bestselling DC Comics and Vertigo periodicals to their e-bookstores.”



As a Nook reader, I’m glad to see a big publisher move outside of the, now traditional, Comicology model. I know many Nook users would like if monthly comics had a subscription plan, like magazines have with Barnes & Noble, so that each new issue automatically downloaded to their device. Maybe that’ll come in the future.

So does this means that you can now download issues to your computer.

Wonder if doing this will eventually change how DC in the future choose what to publish.

What I mean is – DC now have their books for everyone to read. But “DC New 52″ is content aimed primarily at white males 30 years old+ (except maybe Supergirl and Blue Beetle). Where are the DC books for teen readers, girls, kids, the Young Adult market, the people who want accessible stories? Heck – paranormal romance and YA are gigantic teen markets – but DC (and other publishers) aren’t tapping into it!!

DC are already testing different story types with their digital line and measuring the demographics for their day-and date. I wonder if they’ll do the same for the above.

I for one would love to see a back-to-basics Batgirl or a line of accessible superhero stories for a newer generation of comics readers.

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