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Fantagraphics offers sneak peek of Richard Sala’s Delphine

As much as I loved the Ignatz version of Delphine — Richard Sala’s take on Snow White — I’ve been eagerly waiting for Fantagraphics to release a more bookshelf-friendly version. The publisher announced that some time ago, but as the January release draws nearer, Fantagraphics has released some sneak peeks of the new version. There’s an 11-page excerpt in the store and photos of the hardback volume on their blog.

I’ve included a few pages of the excerpt below, but visit the Fantagraphics store to see all 11 and to pre-order the book.


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I’m glad to see Fantagraphics re-visiting its Ignatz titles and releasing them in more palatable formats. Anxious to get my hands on this collection as well as the New Tales Of Old Palomar trade from Gilbert Hernandez…

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